The Sacrifice

Sometimes my thoughts and feelings are so focused that I can hear the audible voice of God. He always gives forth very specific and useful directives.
I am so grateful for these wonderful moments of enlightenment because then I receive information that will make my Life much more pleasant.
I know very intimately the voice and disposition of the Source from many, many years of experience on the path in my service to the Light.
The Father never wastes energy. The Source never rambles on in thought, feeling, or spoken word about the people and conditions of this world, the way that I have tendency to behave~far more often than I’d like to admit.
So, why do I waste my energy like this? Why do I not keep my outer self focused so that I can hear God’s voice constantly, and therefore have all the strength and information that I require to make the right decisions?
All that I need to do so that I will become more productive in this Life is to increase my level of discipline. It’s just a matter of reining in the outer consciousness~compelling it to always remain completely cognizant of how I’m using my energy.
It is not an easy task to be obedient like the Father, especially in today’s world, because it seems that so much of the discipline spells out but one word…
But what am I really sacrificing ? My bad behavior? My wayward thoughts? My wayward feelings? All the little human discrepancies that do nothing but lead me into more and more selfishly created misery?
Thought, feeling, and the spoken word are the only creative powers in the Universe. So…
Every waking moment I am creating something that will one day return to either bless me and everyone I contact, or be the cause for me to curse myself and everyone I love. And cursed for what? What I have willingly created!?! Duh!
So, I guess it really isn’t so much of a sacrifice to actually create an existence that I can live with. At least, that’s what I will continue to remind myself as I attempt to govern this outer self away from it’s penchant for being counter-productive. 😉


2 comments on “The Sacrifice

  1. Good message for us all. I am in a too busy phase but see the light at the end of the tunnel. I long to have my solitude back and to just be quiet and listen. Thanks for the reminder. Hugs, pat

    • Thank you, Pat. The day that I can get a message across a well as you do, that day will I be pleased with what I have done. 😉 Big hugs and angel kisses to you, Zor’ra

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