Why Struggle With Struggle???

Credit: Maxfield Parrish

Why the struggle? Why the daily grind? Why do we have to work so hard for what we want to achieve in Life?
I ask myself these questions due to all the oppositions. I wonder why…do I need more strength, or more determination?
Or is is because I leap too far on Faith without proven experiment? Yes, that would be part of it, but…
Experience is tried experiment, often gained through the suffering of struggle.
Truly we need the resistance of weighty issues to build strong spiritual muscle.
As for me, I think it’s more about attitude than anything else. If I utilize gratitude will the struggle be less?
Ah, yes! This is an experiment that has already proven it’s worth…
The biggest struggle with gratitude is to always remember to never forget to BE Grateful.
After all, there is a lesson to this trip. There is a reason for this struggle.
It is all but an opportunity to unmask the answer behind the Riddle of Existence.
So, therefore, dear struggle, you have no power over me.
You are no longer my enemy…you are now my true friend.

Credit: Maxfield Parrish


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