Why Are We So Fragile?

Why are we so fragile? Why are we so strong? How can we be both of these things so perfectly, and yet be so broken and warped?
Is  there a reason why we are strong enough to care so much and yet remain so fragile as to break the faith that keeps us connected to you, dear Source?
Why is there so much duality in our nature? Why do we break our promises and continue to make more promises that bear no fruit?
Why do we continue on in this cruel world? Why do we even care? I think it must be because that even in the midst of Hell, we know that Heaven can be found.
So then why are we so fragile that we break down at the most crucial of crossroads? How did we get so lost? How did we lose our direction in the storm?
Maybe the answer has never yet been found. Maybe even God Himself still seeks to find the answer that will hold the balance within His own natural duality…unleashed through us…within the realm of free will.
Between Heaven and Hell (album)

Between Heaven and Hell (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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