Are You A Gambler?

Someone once asked the late great dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, if he ever gambled. His answer was yes. He said that he gambled every time that he stepped on the stage and performed. Just being on stage was a gamble, according to Nureyev.
I immediately understood what he meant. I can liken it now to my own experiences in this world~a world that is nothing if it is not a great stage where we all play out the roles that Life has handed to us.
Sometimes we even get to play the roles we have wanted to play~the glory we have earned through the lessons we have learned. And sometimes we end up cast in roles that can best be described as the same old lessons that have yet to be learned.
I rather think that it was a gamble when God gave us free will. What do you think??? Doesn’t look like the payoff has been too great so far, but the game ain’t over yet, now is it?
Albeit some bets are safer than others, but everyone knows that the biggest payoffs often come from the bets that aren’t safe in the least.
Kenny Rogers had it right when he said that ‘you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run’.
All my life all I’ve ever done was one of two things.  Either stick to my guns, survive the game and barely stay ahead (but only if it’s a matter of life or death)…or be the biggest dumbass sucker you’ve ever met.
And that would be because I haven’t learned all of my lessons yet. But I should know most of these lessons by heart since I’ve been through them all about 500 times.
I think it’s high time that I get a clue. I need to play the game smart for once. I know how do that but I get lazy, you know, fall back on old habits. Sometimes I act like an old dog that can’t learn a new trick.
I know I got to be better than that. If I’m gonna play my bets on this great stage called Life, then I had better learn my lessons well and stick to my guns when I know I have the hand that is right.
And I’m gonna remember to pray (and think twice) before rolling the dice. I wonder, do you think that miracles can happen overnight??? Well, I wouldn’t bet on it…but then again, I just might. 😉


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