The Station


As the day begins and I take my place at the station
I listen for the Call~O’Infinite Heart of God
The Song from the Source of All Creation
It comes from my own Heart
It comes from the Heart of the Earth
It comes from all that is dying~without hope
It comes from the Heart of everything in this world
So I stand here in the middle of the Prayer Wheel and I ask…
What do I need to do today???
Who needs my love the most???
I don’t have to look far because I am surrounded by need
By broken hearts and by broken dreams
By all the broken pieces of a world that needs…
What! What? What do they NEED???
What they need is to see the Reality
The Reality of everything…
They were ever meant to BE.
I AM that I AM
YOU are that I AM also
You are the One Door
Open says-me!


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