The Haunted~Remember Compassion

Not long ago I had a job where I had to work on a property that was home to more than one unhappy entity. The first time I was there I discovered that in one of the stalls of the barn there was an intensely negative focus of energy that was palpable and unsettling.
As is usually my pattern I went half-blind just so that I wouldn’t catch a glimpse of what it was. Sometimes these things are a little gnarly looking so I’ve formed the habit of not looking any more deeply than what sticks it’s nose in my face.
However, I have learned to not totally ignore these forces because that’s not a good choice either. So, I set the Sacred Fire into action by calling for the ArkAngel Michael to purify and bless the condition with a Violet Flaming Action of the Sword of Blue Flame. Then I ignored it.
But first I made sure that I had felt the Action of Sacred Fire take charge and penetrate the condition. That’s imperative. It is easiest to feel that when I have intensified my vision with enough clarity by holding my attention focused on the Fire long enough to see it burst and expand.
The next time I went back I noticed that the aforementioned stall no longer had the heavy feeling of darkness. But I knew that the force was still on the property. But mostly it stayed away from me, so I didn’t think about it too much.
Then I received the directive to consciously cleanse the condition systematically during the ensuing weeks. On my last visit to the property I walked into the garage and felt a sickening sensation in my stomach.
I knew something was right there beside me but true to my old way I ignored it, because the feeling quickly subsided once I closed myself off from the thing that was making me feel nauseous. Or shall I say I hardened myself against what I had felt.
Later the owner of the property said that she had just seen something walk past us in the very spot where I had felt sick. I had never mentioned to her what I knew was on the property. The people I know personally have no idea what a weirdo I am. 😀
When I had some time to myself I began to ponder the situation and suddenly the Voice from above reminded me to “Remember compassion”. I thought, “Well, I’m not being mean! I just don’t want it coming close to me!”
But then I realized that I had hardened my feelings towards this being and that I had unconsciously rejected it’s presence because it had disturbed me. I didn’t want anything to do with it, so I had shoved it away.
I began to see how unkind and unfair that it was to feel this way. After all I wouldn’t have done that to a human because I would not have wanted to hurt them, therefore I would have exercised compassion no matter how disturbing their energy was.
So, I opened my mind and Heart just like I would do for a human. Then I saw three beings who appeared to be Elementals. They feared me yet they harbored the slightest bit of hope that I might actually help them.
For first time ever in my entire life I spoke directly to those types of beings and I told them of my intent. I told them that they had no reason to fear me, “I AM the Light of God that never fails and that Light will set you free.” I said nothing more.
Later on that day I watched them watch me. They still did not trust me, because their freedom was not yet complete. But I could see that they had a lot more hope than they did earlier and that they were no longer afraid.
It was almost like was like watching little children who had suffered very greatly, the way that they would peek at me around the door with hope in their hearts. Then I truly understood why it is so important to remember compassion.
I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten this simplest of the Laws of Life. Compassion is a gentle as a dove, and even though we must be as wise as the serpent we must never forget to Love.
The purest form of Love is the Sacred Fire Love that comes our Hearts from the One Source. That’s the one gift we can give to everyone. All we have to do is remember to Love all Life no matter in what form it may come to us.
May you always remember how much you are loved by the One Source and that you are that same Source of Love to all Life that you contact everywhere in this Universe. 😉

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