Tell Me About Yourself


When people ask me to tell them about myself, I’m about as stupid as stupid can get. I start stumbling around and I don’t know what to say. I mean how can I possibly tell them the truth?
“O’yeah, you know, I’m a Fire worshiper. I love the Sacred Fire and my job is to dance in the ancient way…it’s a method that takes you into the Great Silence, then I can fly…I’m a Sacred Fire alchemist!”
I can hear the peels of laughter…I can see the twitching of their of minds…I know that they think I’m crazy…I know they are convinced that I worship satan…
Does it really matter what people think??? I think not. But what if we still lived in the days when I would have been burnt at the stake by well-meaning albeit narrow-minded citizens???
Would it really matter if I died for my convictions??? Or would it be wiser to live on in silent oppression…only to die anyway???


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