Harmony (aka LOVE) maintained in the feeling world towards all Life, substance and energy on this planet is one of the primary Keys that makes it possible for Forgiveness to be granted without limitation of any kind.
In other words: total redemption
I have never believed that a portion of mankind is marked with so much sin that they are literally bound to spend an eternity in Hell. Excuse me very much but quite frankly I think that most of us have already spent what seems like an eternity in Hell.
I would think that we would be entitled to ‘time served’ just for the sheer fact that we have managed to endure this long without self-combusting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we all get off scott-free either, because that wouldn’t be a real solution for what ails us.
Nevertheless, nobody, but nobody is doomed. Of that I am certain. If there is a portion of the people (or beings) on this planet who are doomed to burn in Hell then I know that I’d be right there with them…front row and center, in the hottest seat of dishonor.
There is a reason why I’ve been allowed the opportunity to claw and crawl my way back from damnation throughout my many lifetimes on this planet and it was so that I could find a solution for what ails me…so that I can fix the weaknesses that keep making me fail!
And one of the things which has knocked my ass out of the ring repeatedly is my lack of determination to maintain Harmony in my feelings regardless of the war that has been raging all around me…
Regardless of the maddening injustice which constantly surrounds me..regardless of the fact that in my household it feels as if I carry the heaviest part of the load and nobody seems to want to help…regardless of everything that is nothing but the screaming lies of my own or someone else’s false creation.
Only after having known death can one know the true value of Life. Only after having known the bitter fruit of hateful discord can one know the value within the priceless fruit of True Love, which is total Harmony towards ALL Life, regardless of whether or not it seems deserved.
If Harmony is one the Secrets of the Earth then I intend to use the Key that it provides to open the door to Freedom from misery. And if that doesn’t work as well as I expect, then by God I will try something else…or more…or whatever it takes-until I get it right.
Because I do know without a shadow of a doubt that there is always a solution to every problem. No matter what.
We the people, each and everyone of us, has exactly what it takes to find the solution to whatever ails us. This is just one of the many Blessings of being a Co-Creator with the Source.
Many Blessings of Indestructible Harmony to you all on your way back to your Eternal Home of Infinite Knowing. 😉
Description of relations between Axial tilt (o...

Description of relations between Axial tilt (or Obliquity), rotation axis, plane of orbit, celestial equator and ecliptic. Earth is shown as viewed from the Sun; the orbit direction is counter-clockwise (to the left). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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