The Pearls of Failure

Credit: Maxfield Parrish

I can’t even begin to count how many times I have stood at this same threshold. You would think that I’d have enough sense to get this job done already! But I’d like to hope that I can make each mistake count for something. At times this has been my only option.
I know what my job is, and that is to be the greatest Focus of Light of which I am capable. Even in the face of utter darkness, I have within my own Being the Power to conquer anything.
Then why do I keep falling down at the most inopportune moments? Why, o’why have I continued to fail myself and others in this job which it is my duty and privilege to accomplish?
Do I listen too much to others? Do I allow too much of my own bloated ego? Should I be more hardcore in my relationships? Should I be harder on myself? Should I be hard on everyone?
No. Being hard is not the answer, but I guess that is why my station is so difficult. It’s like walking the tightrope, and knowing full well that my balance can only be maintained by the steadfast use of Wisdom.
But Wisdom is only fully understood when it has been earned through experience and that is the best the reason that I can think of to remain grateful for my lifetime of experience with the crushing blows failure.
I know what doesn’t work and I know what will. But do I have the determination to take this next step in spite of my foolish self?
By God, I do. By God, I will. By God, I have all that I need to be as Perfect as the Father in Heaven. It may not happen today. It may not tomorrow. It may not happen for another 100,000 years…
But I will not back down and accept another loss. I will not fall off the tightrope and smash my soul into bits. And if I do, then by the Grace of God I will not cry about it like an idiot. I will get back up and use the Wisdom that I have earned from experience.
I will stand strong. I will not falter. And if I should stumble I will ask for all the strength and determination that I need to be completely Victorious. I won’t waste a moment. I will not fail you again…the Light of God never fails and that is who I AM.
For all those of you who struggle, remember it is just another opportunity to prove that you can conquer anything. You are that I AM…YOU are the Light of God that never fails. You have never been a failure…and you never will be. It’s all just a part of the lesson-the Wisdom of your experience… 😉

Credit: Maxfield Parrish


5 comments on “The Pearls of Failure

  1. Thank you Zor’Ra for this wonderful article. I have been reading Sri Aurobindo again on hardships on the path; the failures and trials and tribulations we all encounter to one degree or another. It must be in the air so to speak.
    I know from my own experience how hard it is sometimes to walk this path once one gets over the first “highs” and faces reality. Reality in the physical world – in our day to day lives.
    I am reblogging this as well – it’s so important for all of us.
    Lots of love and a deep and hearfelt THANK YOU!

    • Thank you very much, Renate! This world is so wrought with challenges that sometimes it seems as if there is no hope for true progress, let alone survival. I must say that I have learned from your counsel. I have been trying to find a way to share what it is that I can offer without alienating people and I have found that honesty about the depth of my struggles and the sorrow that I have experienced is the best way to show that the understanding of the Great Law of Life has a practical use in everyone’s daily life. We may struggle, and we may crash and burn, but there is a reason and a solution for everything and by sharing what we have learned individually we hasten our collective progress towards the great goal~the Ascension of the Earth. Thank you so very much for your support, Renate…and for the reblog. It means more to me than I could ever say in words. God Bless you, dear Sister! Much love to you always, Zor’ra

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