No More Fear

All my Life I have been afraid, yet not so much of what goes bump in the night..rather I have been afraid that I would never be truly loved by all those whom I have known.
What if they think I’m crazy? What if they think I’m weird? What if they are afraid of what they see? What if they don’t like what I say? What if they don’t think of me at all, or if they should…will their thoughts be foul?
What if I just stopped being afraid? What if I throw my soul out there for all the world to see? Would they still be able to love me? Do I love what I see?
These are the questions that haunt me as I walk through this lonely world. Yet I am tired of being constantly afraid. I am tired of being so very lame. I am tired of playing this ridiculous game of the lost soul.
I would much rather be strong. Strong enough to be real. Strong enough to be true. Strong enough to conquer every demon within and without~no matter what. Strong enough to stand, face, and conquer whatever may come without wasting a moment.
If I can face myself, if I can look into the Eyes of God, if I can look into the Eyes of the Great Ones and not feel ashamed, then I might…just maybe…I might be worth a damn. Then maybe I can be at Peace again…and know the love that I have so often felt for this world.
So, if by chance I have the opportunity to make right all that I’ve done wrong, then I will finally know true love and joy everlasting…I will have come back home…to the one place where I belong.
This is the journey we are on together, and together we must stand. Together we can conquer anything that has ever dared to break the Heart of God…the Hearts of all of those whom you have ever loved.
Many Blessings and happy days ahead for those whom I have loved and for all those whom I have yet to know and love…may this be the beginning that never ends. Amen


2 comments on “No More Fear

  1. I believe that it is impossible to break the heart of God. I am coming closer and closer to understanding deeply that we are of the Creator, Beloved, and here on Earth to learn how to give and receive love unconditionally. Period. Everything else is under the category of LESSON. Do we get angry with our three year old if he wets his pants, throws a tantrum, has bad table manners? Hopefully, no. We are spiritual babies, often falling down, wetting our diapers, and doing what babies do. I want to be kinder to myself and others and quit judging everything as good or bad. I want to hold all in light and love and work with our Creator to evolve and serve for the awakening of all. To me, it is a waste of my time and energy to carry all the guilt I have had dumped on me or self-imposed. I want to be forever free of shoulds and guilt. You are Beloved…think about what that means! What a beautiful idea. And you and I have to be Beloved because we are holographic parts of the Creator who is pure love energy. Can’t get any better! hugs, pat

    • Yes, it is true that the Heart of God, in and of Itself, can never be broken. I could have worded it differently, but I am not always good at putting into words what is in my consciousness. I was referring to the suffering and heartbreak which humans so frequently endure and that is ultimately made useful by the God-Head through the lesson learned and assimilated into the vast storehouse of Divine Wisdom, which continues to expand and increase through every experience of the God-Head that is focused Individually within ourselves. I do not think that all the suffering that has transpired on this planet was ever truly a part of the ‘Divine Plan’-at least not to extreme degree that we have experienced suffering. I do feel that there are Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings, who viewing what we have created, would undoubtedly be heartbroken if they allowed this of themselves, but they know better. Although I do think that there are times when they feel some manner of sorrow, although it is a sorrow that is somewhat different than what we feel. I had a dream many years ago about the ArkAngel Michael-I had made a very serious mistake and there were tears running down His Beautiful Face. Perhaps He allowed me to see Him this way so that I could realize how much He cares…

      There is still so much that we have yet to fully understand. By comparing notes with each other, we learn more than we ever would on our own. Thank you, Pat, you always make me think beyond my own limited understanding. Much love to you always, Zor’ra

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