Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Light of God Never Fails has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by one of my favorite bloggers, Maarit-Johanna. You can visit her wonderful blog on Alexander the Great at
So I guess there are a few rules which is something that I’m not usually very good with but I’ll give it my best shot… 😉

1. Link back to the person who nominated you:…thank you very much Maarit!

2. Post the award:

3. Give 7 facts about yourself:

1. Peanut Butter Big Cups and Dr.Pepper are the main course of my diet.
2. My favorite form of prayer is to dance.
3. I live in a haunted house.
4. I am nocturnal.
5. I love everyone but I don’t like hanging out with anyone.
6. People say I drive like a lunatic, except for my kid, who says it’s like riding the ‘Medusa’.
7. I see zombies.

And this rule I can live with forever because it’s the best part of the whole deal:

5. Nominate 15 blogs:


 I’d like to take this opportunity thank everyone who has been so very kind with their likes, comments, and most especially for the inspiration that you have given me to carry on…you are the reason in the meaning behind the blog. Thank you!!!


8 comments on “Very Inspiring Blogger Award

    • You are very welcome! I’m sorry that I didn’t notify you properly. I still have to notify everyone else. I guess I’ve been in the sandbox for a while now, but I really needed a time-out. I hope everyone understands. This spiritual life is not easy to maintain in a world that is almost completely the opposite…but you already know that. Lots of love…and gratitude, Zor’ra

  1. Thank you for blessing me with one more reason to continue doing what I love to do which is help people. I can’t lie this feels great that someone is out there looking in on what I am doing. Thanks

    Church Johnson

    • Thank you for blessing me, Church! From the very beginning I noticed your work and I have always felt compelled to pay you a visit~no matter how lazy I was being. Your blog has continuously touched my Heart and thinking of you is like thinking of my own kin. It’s like we’ve known each other from the start. God Bless you for your true Heart. Zor’ra

  2. I’m also going to check out these awesome blogs you have Nominated because their is no greater reward than knowing that their are others out there with the same passion to inspire.

    Church Johnson

    • Amen. Everyone whom I nominated has touched me profoundly at one time another. Some have made laugh, some have made me cry, others have made me think twice and try even harder to become a better person. But everyone has inspired me to go on with the cause, which is always much easier done while in the good company of others who share the same passion. Zor’ra

  3. Thanks for the honor of your nomination of coreonnewenergyenglish, blessings, Renate

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