The Resurrection of the ‘Original Merkavah’

When anyone uses the statement, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”, that very moment the Original Merkavah has been set into action.
The intensity with which it is set into action is based almost entirely on the amount of feeling that one pours (directs) into the words, whether they be spoken audibly, or from within the Silence.
To really get the feeling of the action within a statement it is very important to have a clear vision of what it is that is being produced. For most people the ‘Resurrection and the Life’ probably holds a very vague vision of it’s true manifestation.
We need always to have a clear eye-picture with which to hold the focus in the mind…
These are the words of the Beloved Saint Germain:
Focus the attention on the region of the pineal gland-know that the attention focused there will cause to take place the balancing activity of all the centers, drawing and giving all power to the head center.
The Great God Principle is above and enfolding the form because of the Anchorage of God within the Heart. The Seven Centers are the Points of Anchorage of the Individualization of the God in the physical form.
The pineal gland is the Point of Anchorage and Radiation of the Great Central Sun. When we realize this, we have come to the point where we do not consider any of the lower centers.
(Excerpt~Ascended Master Instruction Vol. 4 -Pg. 24-25~Saint Germain Series~Saint Germain Press, Inc.)
When you use the Statement “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”, this is precisely what happens: all the energy from the six subordidant points (the outer or lower points) are drawn back into the control of the high central point. And voila!
As the Statement “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” is consistently (systematically) used by outer self, it begins to bring the forcefield known as the ‘Mer-Ka-Ba‘, that is held focused within and around the outer self, back into a consistently correct manner of alignment with the Original Divine Blueprint of Merkavah!
This is the point of existence wherein lies the understanding and use of the Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command.
Many Blessings of Full Understanding may you now begin to experience on your journey back to the Source of All Creation… 😉


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