The Haunted~Why So Scary???

Have you ever noticed that in all the movies and tv shows about the paranormal most of the people are scared witless…
Well, I can definitely relate to that, because I’ve been there. I can remember years ago when I first heard the ‘little howlers’. Sometimes I call them ‘banshees‘ because I have occasionally heard them right before someone has died.
I heard them the night before Princess Diana died, although I’m not sure that it was directly related. I just remember taking note of it at the time.
The first time I heard the little howlers, I mostly ignored it. I was like, “Uh, ok, whatever…but I didn’t hear that…”
The next time I heard them I started to wonder if I was actually hearing something beyond the whistling of the wind through the portals of my wild imagination. But still, I continued to ignore it.
Then one night I could hear them whooping all around me, and I thought, “What the Hell???”
I don’t quite recall exactly what I did, but I probably ran into the house. No doubt I had been outside ogling the night sky, learning about the constellations, or staring at the moon…
Nevertheless, I’m sure that I continued to pretend that I didn’t hear a thing. But at a certain point I began to wonder what it was, because they just kept coming back.
Finally, they started waking me up in the middle of the night. I could hear them carrying on like there was a great big party right outside my window…
It sounded like a whole freaking choir of pint-sized ‘banshees‘…
They make a strange sound that reminds me of the soft screeching tone you can hear when you’re cleaning a window, or a mirror. It’s not really spooky, but weird, and odd enough to eventually make you realize that it ain’t no bird, or whatever you may try to convince yourself that it was.
The funniest part about it all (and the thing that got me set into action) was when they started to sing their charming little lull-a-bye to me whenever I had to get up real early…
Well, that pissed me off even though at first I was really scared. They’d actually howl loud enough to wake me up out of a sound sleep. Then my eyes would fly open, as big a saucers no doubt, my heart would start pounding, and I’d even start to sweat…
The little buggers….there they’d be singing away like a bunch of psycho canaries, and there I’d be, both petrified and perturbed. I would grip the covers for dear life and quietly curse them for daring to disturb my precious sleep.
Then, they’d finally quiet down, and eventually I’d relax enough to drift off…And what do you know, they’d start howling again! It never failed.
And they did this for weeksuntil…I started calling to the ArkAngel Michael…I started calling for Him to strike His big Flaming Sword right into their noisy little mouths…well, that’s not exactly what I said, but you get my point.
At first I had to work really hard in order to make the Call work effectively. I hadn’t been used to handling forces like that before, so apparently I had to build a momentum to put behind the Call…
As I made the Call I would visualize the Flaming Sword striking right into their midst and compelling them to be silent. I had no desire to hurt them, I just wanted to them be quiet and leave me alone. After a while the silencing action of the Call became almost instantaneous.
If I heard even one little chirp, I’d make my Call and that would be the end of the serenade. Later on, I realized that the ‘little howlers’ aren’t particuliarly malicious (or malevolent) in their intent…sometimes they just want a little attention…
And sometimes they’re just like a bunch of ornery kids, pulling a prank…Very funny, and not so very scary after all. 😉

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2 comments on “The Haunted~Why So Scary???

  1. Did you ever have any physical manifestations of these types of things? I am betting more people than we realize have experiences of this sort but are afraid to talk about it because everyone take three steps away and call for the boys in the white coats. 🙂 hugs, pat

    • Yes, I have dealt with many physical manifestations over the years…and yes, I do agree that there are many people who deal with the same thing. What is ironic about it is that in many, many cases most people are not even aware that they are dealing with these types of forces, unless they start to make odd noises or perform unusual acts of physical manifestation. This is where the real difficulty lies in helping people to learn how to effectively deal with these forces. Usually by the time that these forces start to out-manifest they have already gained a great momentum which sometimes makes them even more difficult to manage. But of course every situation is different because every person is different, and these forces will, more often than not, out-manifest according to the individual they are attempting to make contact with, run off…or whatever the particular case may be. However, these forces are not to be feared, simply understood and managed accordingly. I don’t mind anymore if people take three steps back and start to make their assumptions…I have to be true to who I am and what I am experiencing if I am ever to be of any real lasting service to anyone else in this world. Much love to you, Pat…and thank you so very much for the belly laugh…it is probably a good thing I don’t go to a ‘shrink’…no doubt they would have put me in a padded cell…years ago. 😉

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