Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.2

The Original Merkavah was designed to be used as a vehicle that would take us safely through the process of creative expansion…
It is set into Infinite Action through and around the outer self by the Power of the Great Command, which is Omnipotent, and which directly specifies the quality and content of all manifested action into a balanced focus of Eternal Perfection~aka IMMORTALITY.
The Merkaba (more properly pronounced as Merkavah) is a seat of government~the Great Seat of Divine Government~established in the form of a geometric pattern that is focused and held within and around our Beings and worlds by the Source of All Creation.
It was given to us as a portal, so to speak, by which to make permanent progress in our evolutionary journey to become Individualized Co-Creators of equal authority with the God-Head.
Within the practical understanding, and daily use of the Merkavah, lies the Secret Place of the Most High…
And I am convinced that if we follow this concept through to the farthest understanding of which we are capable…and with a consistently balanced manner of rationale and deduction…then, I’m quite sure that in the end, there will be little doubt left with which to question the Reality of the Merkavah’s Great Power.
It’s already right there, within and around us, standing ready…waiting to be fully activated, in the heretofore predominantly unused portions of our consciousness, both collective and individual. All we have to do is open the Door and see it clearly enough to set it into action.
And don’t let anybody convince you that it is as terribly complicated as it sometimes sounds. It’s not. Or that it’s daily use and practice will take too much time from your busy lives. It won’t…because it is your Life.
The first step is just to become aware of the Merkavah’s existence and to accept it’s Reality. The second step is to know that the Source of All Creation already knows how to operate everything perfectly…and without a lot complicated mumbo jumbo.
You are already One with that Source, so all that you really have to  do is accept your Divine Birthright. And live it, see it, and BE it…with every breath, with every heartbeat, with every thought, and with every feeling.
It’ll take some practice if you’re not used to knowing yourself in this way, but no one ever learned to walk (or talk) without a little bit of practice. 😉
Many Blessings to you all on your great journey, and may your pathways always be clear. Amen.
Animation of counterrotating tetrahedra, or mo...

Animation of counterrotating tetrahedra, or modern New Age “merkavah”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 comments on “Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.2

  1. I have been drawing sacred geometry and mandalas for years as a meditation without realizing what they were. Then I saw many of the designs I drew in crop circles and this triggered a serious study of them (crop circles, mandalas and sacred geometry.) Thanks for adding this to my consciousness. So much to learn….hugs, pat

    • You’re welcome, Pat. Isn’t it amazing how Life leads us to do the very things that we need to do long before we fully understand what we are doing? A Great Change is taking place right at this very moment, a very significant preliminary shift that is allowing us to finally put the pieces together. O’happy day! Thank you, Pat, for your kindness, as always you inspire me to be better… 😉

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