The Haunted Pt.2

All my life I have avoided the dark side of existence, or so I thought…I now know that in previous lives I must have dabbled in plenty of bad shit, otherwise I wouldn’t be so tormented in this life.
Believe it or not, I’m actually a pretty logical person. There is a reason for everything, even though the reason may not always be glaringly apparent right at the moment that we may wish to have the logic behind the reason revealed…
And when certain things are revealed, they should never be ignored. Ignorance is NOT bliss when you are blissfully ignoring that which has been specifically sent in to cause you suffering.
If you are dealing with so-called ‘supernatural‘ or ‘paranormal phenomena‘, then there is most definitely a reason behind it. And more likely than not, it has to do with who you are now, as well as who have you have been in the past.
Of course, that does not necessarily mean that what you are experiencing has been sent in to harm you…in fact, if you take the right attitude, it could turn out to be quite the opposite…regardless of the circumstances.
In most cases the recurrent appearance of conditions that exist in the psychic stratum is simply an opportunity (perhaps an obligation?) to set another part of Life free from conditions of torment and tragedy.
Now when I refer to the psychic stratum I am referring to what is typically called Hell. It is the dimension where most of the destructive accumulation of mankind’s misused energy has gathered…and impatiently waits for us to set things right again.
Over the years I have made the grave mistake of ignoring almost everything that I have ever seen from the psychic stratum. Unless, of course, it attacked me. But by then it usually became an issue of survival, or at the very least, an issue of ‘insanity control’. 😀
In the first place, there is a reason why we are allowed to see (or hear) these forces. And typically it is so that we will do something about it. But that doesn’t mean that we should play with the forces that live in the psychic stratum either.
You wouldn’t play with a wild animal that you may happen to see while hanging out in the jungle, nor should you play with any of the beings that are trapped in psychic stratum. Not for any reason whatsoever. Nor is it advisable to call them over for a visit…
Many humans think that certain types of Elementals make good allies. For the most part, they don’t care much for humans, so I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Only the God-Head has the right to command them in this manner. Sidestepping that rule is unwise to say the least.
I have spent most of this lifetime turning a blind eye to the conditions that exist in the psychic stratum, but I have learned from long, hard experience to never ignore anything of this nature when it crosses my path, or catches my attention…
As I continue to blog my Chronicles I will endeavor to share what I have learned about these conditions, and hopefully it will be of some assistance to you. If not, then it will no doubt be at least slightly entertaining from a spectator’s point of view…
But remember always: opportunity is a very poor master…so we must become master of every opportunity, if we really want to make a lasting difference with the conditions that we live in today.
Many blessings to you all on your occasionally hair-raising journey back home… 😉
la red de Reason

la red de Reason (Photo credit: ★lex)

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