What Is Sorcery???

October 3, 1932

“The Western world likes to fool itself with the idea that it refuses to accept the ancient and Eastern idea of sorcery. In other words, the misuse of the Spiritual Powers.

The worst kind of sorcery is being used in the political fields today that has ever been known in the history of mankind, through the misuse of mental power~wrongly qualified.

If this same tremendous mental force were used in just the reverse way, to know that ‘there is only God in Action in every individual filling every official place, the sender of that quality (0r Truth) would be filled with Freedom and Justice.

Then, we would experience a natural world, a world of God in Action~everywhere present.”

Beloved Saint Germain The I AM Discourses Vol. III

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2 comments on “What Is Sorcery???

  1. Living in Brazil the past ten years has exposed me to many things including the existence of Dark Forces and sorcery. The saving grace is that we have the ability to deflect it when we live a life of loving compassion. There is nothing more powerful than pure love energy. hugs, pat

    • True that. We can thank the Source that there is always a saving ‘grace’ somewhere in the midst of our many educational experiences! Much love to you, Pat.

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