Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.1

Merkaba field

Merkaba field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Change is inevitable. Change comes daily, hourly…every single second of everyday something changes.
Consider the thought processes…do they not constantly change, even while upon the same subject? Do not our thoughts change direction and content through the process of deduction and reasoning, through the very act of gathering and final assimilation?
And the feelings…watch how they constantly change. Watch how the feelings float or tumble, and other times how they soar to the farthest heights of imagination at the least expected moment…
One of the Great Masters once spoke of change as opportunity that waits to be mastered
He said that change is a natural part of evolution, but that the trick of it all was in learning to qualify and mold each change into what we desire to have as part of our Lives, instead of allowing it to become that which would eventually take us by the throat.
I paraphrase what He said, but that was the gist of it. And that is what brings me to the subject of the Merkaba.
For many, many years I have held the symbol, commonly known as the Seal of Solomon, to be a Holy Focus for meditative concentration…
Yet for a long time I really had no clearly defined concept of what it truly represented…or of what the steadfast action of the Merkaba’s consistent application would produce.
Like most people in the outer world today, I had very little formal understanding of what the Merkaba could really do, except that I could see the pattern of it, and also many other patterns (multiple variations), at the Inner Levels of my consciousness.
Many have spoken of the Merkaba as a vehicle…and what does a vehicle do???
Well, a vehicle is ‘an agent of transmission’ with which to move (or change)…whether it be our physical location, or even just our state of consciousness…and to do so very quickly, if it is properly equipped to handle the demand.
The Merkaba, when set into specified action through the Power of Great Command, becomes then the greatest, most efficient vehicle ever produced in the History of the Universe…
I guess you could say that it’s all just my imagination, but then I guess that a lot of people must be imagining the same thing. Which only says one of two things: that we’re all completely delusional, or there is something to it…
I’m quite certain that it will be entirely worth the effort to go on a little exploration tour… 😉
Many Blessings and happy days ahead and may you be always be held safe within the Eye of the Storm. Amen.

Engraved illustration of the “chariot vision” of the Biblical book of Ezekiel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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