The Haunted Pt.1

I wonder how many people out there are being haunted??? This is just a rough guess-ti-mate but I’d venture to say….hhhmmm…well, probably just about everybody.
Sounds like a reasonable figure to me, considering all in all…
When I was 5 years old, and living an idyllic existence (a little princess in my own little kingdom), something very dastardly happened. Something which has proven to be great lesson to me over the years.
An entity (I call ’em tar-suckers) came and attached itself to my left shoulder. It changed everything in my outlook and in my overall experience. Up til then I had been a beautiful little princess, and I had ruled like a bratty little shit.
Then it seemed as if a horrible spell had been cast over my Life, and suddenly I was just mousy little girl with a head full of lice (there went the long princess tresses) placed in a new school where I was suddenly not so very interesting anymore.
I don’t remember a whole heck of a lot about that time, but I can clearly remember feeling an absolute knowing that something unexplained and strangely odd had happened.  It just didn’t figure up, the way everything shifted so quickly.
There was no great change in the outer manifestation of the events in my family life, but I knew that something had changed in way that was unfathomable to me for many years.
Now the tar suckers really aren’t the most interesting lot. Not overwhelming powerful by themselves, unless they gather in large numbers, or have become larger than your physical body.
Certain types of really powerful ‘tar-suckers’ are sometimes specifically sent in to perform a nefarious purpose, but those creatures come from a different breed. That shit’s total black magic.
Mine was just more or less a floater, as I’d call it, like a flying bat-sized leech just brushing around in the atmosphere looking for something receptive to latch onto.
There is very often a hierarchy even with these rather mindless creatures, and it appears to be similar to a beehive where there is one queen, surrounded by many much smaller workers.
Even kind of like ants, if you think about it. If that gives you good eye-picture of how they operate. Honeybees have a function that makes them useful. They’re basically gatherers and builders, somewhat like the ants.
But tar-suckers are not useful, at least not for nice people, except for being used as target practice. They are nothing compared to some of the ‘big guys’, so it’s a good place to start sharpening your blade, if you know what I mean.
Typically tar suckers don’t need to disengage from the host on which they are feeding, if they are feeding well, in order to stay connected to the ‘queen’ (if there is one) because they are naturally connected by lines of force to the hierarchy.
It’s the old geometric type-thing, from a metaphysical perspective.
Most of the tar suckers that I have seen look rather similar to a hybrid of bat and sting-ray. Pitch black, they look like flying tar, with retractlable talon-like tentacles that latch on and penetrate deep into the victim’s spiritual bodies.
They float and fly around through the atmosphere looking for a place to feed. If you have been aware of these creatures, it might be good idea to set the Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command into action right away.
The Great ArkAngel, Michael, is always without a doubt your number one Comrade for learning to become a Master over the forces of darkness. He can come in a flash and drive His Flaming Sword right into the heart, mind, soul of these conditions.
The Great ArkAngel can also teach you how to wield your own Flaming Sword. It’s better than video game. You’ll be hooked…
And it won’t actually hurt anything (or anyone) if you qualify it in your consciousness with the Sacred Fire Power of Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy…kind of with the same type attitude that Jesus has. Firm but driven by a deep compassion for ALL Life, substance, and energy.
Remember, this is not a slaughter fest…far from it.
The entities may feel a bit of a shock, but you will too, especially if it’s attached to you, so remember to qualify everything with MERCY. The Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command is very effective, and  it’s well worth the effort to understand It’s application.
And just think of what a Great Commander you’ll become. Practice makes perfect. Give it a whirl. Even if you’re not under attack. It’s a formidable weapon of Omnipotent Force, but It can also be used for many practical purposes in the form of a Sacred Fire Tool. It’s the Sacred Geometry of God’s Marines. 😉

I AM Now Become the Law of the ArkAngel Michael’s Overwhelming Cosmic Force of the Flaming Sword of Divine Justice.

…striking, driving, charging right into the heart, mind, and soul of this condition,  it’s cause, effect, record, and memory, past, present, and future~

Held forever sustained and made Cosmically Invincible against all evil.

I AM that I AM


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2 comments on “The Haunted Pt.1

    • Hi Pat! It’s wonderful to hear from you…and thank you for your question. I have many posts that refer to my understanding and use of the Great Command, but my new posts which will be coming out, especially those in regards to the use and understanding of Merkavah, and anything that may pertain to ‘affirmation’ ‘invocations’ or making ‘calls’ will hopefully be much more useful to anyone who wishes to understand more about this great ‘mist-tree’ that has been mostly forgotten by the people of the outer world.

      But the Truth of it is that a human cannot really teach another human how to use the Great Command…the full understanding of It’s use has to come from within…during your own contemplation of the Source, and more specifically, on the Activities of the Sacred Fire. The understanding and acceptance of the Reality of the Sacred Fire is paramount and the Merkavah is the key to opening the door in your consciousness that will enable you to really see and understand how to set the Great Command into action.

      I admit that I have been rather guarded in regards to writing about the Sacred Fire, but that kind of comes from long years of experience where people have typically dismissed the idea altogether and acted as if I was a freak that needed to have my head examined. But now is the time for me to just start putting it all out there, and if people want to pretend that it doesn’t exist, then I just won’t let it bother me anymore. Thank you, Pat for prompting me to get on the job! 😉

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