Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.2

Català: Geometria Sagrada aplicada a la construcció de la Catedral de Barcelona (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For most of my life I have seen everything (people, places, and conditions) from the Inner Levels of Consciousness…
That is to say, in distinct geometric shapes, and in the formations of various patterns, which I have often thought of as puzzles.
Puzzles that needed to be solved and put back into Divine Order.
Puzzles that need to be brought back into alignment by learning to understand and use the schematics of Sacred Geometry.
Then I realized that once the pieces of the puzzle were brought back into a consistent pattern of correct alignment, that’s when the puzzle started to become a living action of a manifestation of Divine Origin
 At that point it is absolutely imperative to have set a specified qualification for it’s sustained action by the Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command. That is, if we want to make permanent progress.
Otherwise the whole ‘picture’ will have been set into action without the determined directive of Immortal Governance, and every engine needs to be consciously governed by some mode of Infinite thought or else it will inevitably run off the track…
It seems to be the overall human tendency is to do just that…run off the track. I mean, just look at what is going on around us. If the world in general doesn’t appear to have almost completely run off the track, then I really don’t know much about anything…
We need a seat of Divine Government and we need it NOW…
The understanding and power for the seat of Government that can bring Divine Order back into this world will come from within ourselves, because there is no other place that truly offers what we need…not at this hour…
It is too late to look elsewhere. This is the time to go right to the Source and do away with everything that has dared to block the path. To gain full knowledge is what we need, and there is very little full knowledge (Divine Wisdom) to be had in the outer world today.
So, we must each of us go within, into our own Individualized Infinite Consciousness, and uncover the Secret that awaits. This is going to be a journey bigger than all the epics. And it’s ready to happen right now…
May God Bless you on your path, and always remember to never forget that determination is the trick. 😉

“Never, never, never give up.”~Winston Churchill



Young Winston Churchill as a Subaltern in the 4th Hussars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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