Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.1


It wasn’t but just a short time ago that the subject of Sacred Geometry came before my outer attention. A friend of mine mentioned it during the course of a wonderful conversation that involved the Star Tetrahedron.
I had never even considered Sacred Geometry, let alone did I have any idea what she meant by ‘Star Tetrahedron’!
I know that sounds kind of funny coming from a person, such as myself…someone who has dedicated an entire life to the understanding and application of Spiritual Science.
After all, how can one properly operate spirituality without a scientific understanding of it’s application???
By sheer luck, I guess… 😉 NOT. It takes a Hell of a lot more than that to keep everything running smoothly and on a steady course, if you get my drift.
Then one day I realized that I had been using the application of Sacred Geometry all along…even if I had managed to bungle my results a few too many times.
Sacred Geometry is basically the collection of blueprints upon which the Individual Activities of the Sacred Fire were formed and continue to be held together…in Manifestation, Infinite or finite.
The application of Sacred Geometry (on the human or outer level) is the atomic activation of these blueprints through our conscious use of the Great Command.
For anything to act with a specified command it has to be formed by, and held together upon, a pattern that is distinctly qualified (the blueprint) for the desired out-manifestation.
Just ask an architect about that, or an engineer…don’t they use blueprints and schematics as a guideline, and as the basis of the formulation for what it is that they are endeavoring to produce?
It makes perfect sense that the God-Head would produce Infinite Manifestation in a similar manner. As above, so below…right?
But how do I know that this is the Truth of it???
Well, because I have seen it with my own eyes. Believe it or not….
And pretty soon everybody will begin to see the Light of God that never fails and the many, many awesome Manifestations of the Great Command. And that’s just the REAL YOU~set into Infinite Action! Imagine that… 😉

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