The Global Vision

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Hello, everyone. I would like to share my viewpoint of another one of the many aspects of visualization that I am convinced is essential to our progress (and survival) en masse.
Now I’m sure that most everyone has heard about the recent X-class Solar Flare that was released from our physical Sun on Thursday…
There has been some talk and speculation about how it will affect us personally, as well as the effect that it will have on the atmospheric conditions of the Earth~on both the spiritual and physical levels of existence.
Well, I would venture to ask this one question…
Are we not co-creators with the Source of All Creation???
I know without a shred of doubt, that the answer to this question is, “YES!”
Therefore, do we not have some manner of Authority over that which out-manifests on this planet, as well as over that which out-manifests in and around our own beings and worlds???
Of course!!!
So, if Solar Flares have an effect, which naturally they do to a certain degree, then can we not take the Helm of our own creative Authority and thereby QUALIFY the action of it’s final manifestation within and around our beings and worlds, as well as in and around the atmosphere of the Earth???
The Power of Qualification lies in the feeling world as well as in the faculty of the Inner Vision. Now whenever I use the faculty of Inner Vision to re-qualify a condition, I always use the Activity of the Sacred Fire of Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy as the foundation of my visualization…
To put it in very simple terms I would say this: I qualify everything with the Activity of the ‘Resurrection and the Life’.
This is not only a purifying Activity, but it is also a raising Activity which brings all conditions (cause, effect, record, and memory) back into alignment with the Cosmic Scheme of Creation, and thereby fulfills the Divine Plan.
Because I KNOW, with every atom of my being, that this is ABSOLUTE truth, then naturally my feeling world will follow the qualification of my Inner Vision. This is imperative for producing results.
By taking this stand I will be using my attention to see and feel what it is that I wish to out-manifest, and in this case, I am visualizing that this X-class Solar Flare will carry nothing but BLESSINGS into this world.
Now I know that this latest Solar Flare is not considered to be that big of a deal, but it does have an effect, in one way or another, so why not practice at producing the effects that I want???
However, I am just one small individual on this wonderful planet…but imagine
Please, just for one moment IMAGINE…what we could do TOGETHER…because where two or more are gathered…there I AM.
God Bless you, my dear Brothers and Sisters of the Light and many happy visions to you all! 😉 Amen.

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