What Is Faith?

I can remember the days when it seemed that all I had was Faith, a relentless Faith, in what I could not see, then one day the invisible dream became my visible, undeniable Reality. Thank you so much, Pat…you always give me inspiration…

Source of Inspiration

What is faith?
Is it naive optimism,
rhetoric, a mask? Did
you ever face some
difficulty and feel
annoyed when someone
told you to have more
faith? Like you were
somehow failing spiritually
if you didn’t “have faith.”

But again I ask, “What is
faith?” Belief? A goal?
Something we learn, pray for,
long for? How does one acquire
faith? Faith in what? Is it
only associated with religious
dogma or can it stand alone?

I am tempted to give you a
“pat answer” but will not
because faith is such an individual
experience. How one reaches the
place of knowing is left to each
of us. I do know that we can ask for
faith, even when we aren’t sure we
believe in a Higher Power.

F earless
A ccepting
I ntuitive
T hankful
H ealing

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