Caught In the Act~Systematic Visualization

Today I have come back to the realization that visualization is an activity of consciousness that can (and should be) constantly invoked throughout all of my daily thought processes, which will typically take their own course of action if I don’t make the conscious effort to systematically govern them at all times.
For example, if the thought of an issue or problem that I have been having difficulty resolving happens to flit through my mind, then that would be an excellent moment to redirect the thought from a vision that contains the qualification of discord, unhappiness, or lack of any kind, into a vision that holds the fulfillment of the manifestation that I desire.
The beauty of it is that it only takes about 5 seconds to do this…and I don’t even have to miss a beat!
I can go on about my way, having already set the process of visualization into action, without having to stop the boat that takes me along the course of my daily affairs.
Of course, it is always a good idea to take time out on a regular basis, and fully expound upon the visions that I want to produce, because that gives me the opportunity to picture more clearly the little details that I may want to include in the final manifestations.
But I know from experience that the real trick to bringing the vision into physical manifestation as quickly as possible lies in the intensity of the momentum that is gathered through reaffirming the vision by consistently focusing the attention upon the clear image of the desired result.
The attention is the director of the currents of energy within the outer self, and the attention is constantly acting. Therefore, if I consciously practice at governing the visions that I’m producing during my daily thought processes then the momentum will build much more rapidly.
I can easily change the visions that pop up randomly into visions that I prefer, if I just work at it systematically throughout the day.
It will take a determined steadfast effort to set the habit, but the end result will be that the conditions in my Life (and the world around me) will automatically start to out-manifest the fullness of that which I have been struggling to attain for many years.
Anyway, that was my epiphany for the day. I hope that it may be of some use to you. May God Bless and hold you close, my dear fellow riders of the storm. 😉

Cosmic Consciousness

Thank you, Father, will all my Heart. Amen.

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4 comments on “Caught In the Act~Systematic Visualization

    • Yes, I have to constantly remind myself to stay on track. It will be easier in a world where many others share the same vision, but until then we shall just keep trudging on and hold the vision for everyone. Thank you, Pat, for your continued support…it means the world to me! Hugs and kisses, Zor’ra

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