The Eye of All Creation

Within the Eye of the Storm is the Heart Realm of All Creation

Wherein abides the Sacred Throne Room of Infinite Expansion

From whence issues the quivering Breath of Love Everlasting

An Infinite Stroke of Comfort and All-Pervading Power

We are Loving~We are Singing~We are Dancing

We are the Father and Mother Embracing

Our Children are born Perfectly Formed

From Rapturous Union comes forth

The Dawn of a New Evolution

We have now but to Master

The Quantum of Silence

Where all Life gathers into ONE~

We are the Door of Cosmic Alignment

So Be It Father So Be It

I AM that I AM




2 comments on “The Eye of All Creation

    • No, when you have to come to understand the Power of the Great Command you will do as Jesus did and make them perfect even as their Father in Heaven is Perfect. That is the Power that is within you, when you are ready to bring it forth into this world and heal the suffering that has been imposed upon the innocent.

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