Be the Change!

Change is inevitable so let us then take the helm and make it serve us well even as we learn to love each other again…thank you, Ganesh.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Do we want to Change the things around us! Change the people for better humanity, Change the world as heaven? Okay, then why don’t we start from our self. It’s very easy for our mind to think big and find fault on others as the reason for failure which we used to more often. If we start finding fault and criticize each Other, People, Media, Education, Economy, Politics, Government, Nation,.. which would be a never-ending blame game which ultimately result in spread of hatred (negative energy) among us but nothing else. Remember all the changes we are discussing now are nothing outside us, but its in us. It’s not just others have to change but the change begins from us. We make them and they are made of us. So if we want to change them, then we have to change!

Not just the things around us, personally we wish…

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