Visualize the World You Want

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a very strong impression of a message that is being sent from one of your Guardian Angels???
That happens to me frequently…and I’m willing to wager that it is happening to a lot of people these days…
Although, if you are anywhere near as wayward as I have a tendency to be (and let’s hope not, for your sake 😕 ) then perhaps you don’t recognize the relevance of the great blessing that you have received.
Very often these messages will come through so clear and distinct that I will write them down, even if it’s just a single sentence…and thank God for that, otherwise I’d probably forget about them altogether…
So, about 3 weeks ago I woke up with the message: “Visualize the World You Want”…it was coming through from Beloved Saint Germain.
Because of the way in which an Ascended Master delivers messages, it was not given forth in words so much, but rather through a series of images that makes it nearly impossible to misinterpret…(even for a numb skull like moi)
Therefore, I knew that Saint Germain was not referring to the ‘world’ in general, but rather to my tiny little spot in the Universe~the one place that is my personal responsibility to maintain in the best order possible…(still workin’ on that one 😀 )
It was very cool to see that He was basically prompting me to practice up on ‘systematically fantasizing’ about what it is that I want to out-manifest in my world in the not-to-distant future.
You’d think that’d be easy enough, wouldn’t ya…after all, I’ve fantasized about all kinds of naughty stuff for years…I was very systematic about it too…and it always came to pass…one way or another.
But now that the time has come for me to ‘fantasize’ about the ‘right stuff’…wouldn’t you know…here the sinister force is, breathing down my neck with a volley of distractions…
Sometimes I can even hear the little buggers whispering, “Keep her distracted. Use this, use that, but don’t let her see you, ’cause you know what happens then! Just keep using all the little things that you know will keep her stupid…and don’t let her gain any momentum cause then we’ll be screwed!”
It’s kind of funny in a way, but it’s gonna be tragic if I don’t take care of business, and stay on the mark…
And by God Almighty, it is high time that I use every single lesson that has been so graciously handed to me.
It’s time, this very hour, to begin visualizing the world that I want…systematically…every single day from this day forward… I will use the gift of being able to FANTASIZE!!!
After all, how freakin’ is easy is that???
I owe it to myself…I owe it the Great Ones…and I owe it to the world in general, because we are ONE.
Whether you realize it or not, the Great Ones love you very, very much, and They always stand ready to give you everything that you require…
Just learn to accept what is being offered, and use it…to kick ass!  😉

2 comments on “Visualize the World You Want

  1. You’re learning. But it’s not an Angel that is talking to you, it is the WORLD itself, because it is ailing and needs protection. That can come by simply visualising the World we want. A world that wie can live in, a world that will protect us. However in order to let it protect us we have to protect it. Not just your corner, the whole world, because yes, you’re right, the world is ONE.

    • Of course the world is talking to me-the Heart of this world, which is truly an Angel that is CALLING for us to set It Eternally Free. But it is good that we have different perspectives-for that is the essence of Individuality and the blessing of learning from each other.

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