The Blend That Will Set You Free

Beloved Ones of My Heart, as we enter into the deeper explanation and use of what it means to draw this Great Violet Consuming Flame into physical conditions, I want to make something very clear to you, so that you will more rapidly recognize the Direction from your Presence through your feeling world.
In blending the two activities of the Heart and the Head (expanding the Unfed Flame in the Heart, until it passes through the brain structure) It sets up an Attunement…
It keeps repelled the psychic substance and suggestions of destructive activities in the mental and feeling world of the mass of mankind. Many times when you have to make a decision, you will have at first, just a GENTLE DESIRE to do it.
Then the reason will function and set up all kinds of arguments as to why you shouldn’t do it. You think you follow the reason. But many times it is only a suggestion from outside-the reason has nothing to do with it!
Then you follow the suggestion. You do not follow the gentle quiet feeling within the Heart which you first received! You must come to the point where you are going to feel closer all the time to your Presence.
If you have been in the habit of not obeying the feeling~at least not soon enough to avoid mistakes~then go to work with the Violet Consuming Flame, and demand Obedience in the feeling to the Direction of your God Presence.
Forbid the feeling to ever disobey the Direction which comes from the Presence of Life. If you give your God Presence the responsibility, It will control the outer self! Then your struggle is through!
Beloved Elohim Arcturus through Mrs Ballard 11.1.52 RU 105

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