The Razor’s Edge

“Avoid popularity if you would have peace.” Abraham Lincoln

When I was in school I was never one of the popular kids. Go figure. 😀
But ever so occasionally one of the ‘populars’ would actually be nice to me for about 5 seconds. Usually it was because I had something that they temporarily needed.
Of course, I would love to think that I do (at this point in my life) have something of value to offer to those in need…
But then again, should I allow the response that I may (or may not) receive taint my reasoning in regards to why it is that I do this blog???
The determination to never compromise my true purpose lies within the strength of the Light within my own being, and I cannot continue to receive that Light which strengthens my being should I ever stray from the mark.
I know this well…from hard experience…
So, no matter how many follows, likes, or inspiring comments that I may receive (and do truly love and appreciate with all my heart)…
Still, I must always remember to be true to my God Presence and the Great Ones, so that I can always give forth the best of which I AM capable…
And thereby shall I have peace…and truly be of service to those in need.
Just another fine example of the wonderful walk upon razor’s edge… 😉
Love it, live it, be true to it. Amen

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