The Parable of a Dream

Yesterday morning I had an interesting dream. Since I already understood what it meant, I thought perhaps it had been intended that I should share…
There was young wayward woman who, after having gone too far astray, sadly ends up dying from the trauma that results from her being the victim of a gang rape.
Everyone is unsympathetic. The overall consensus is that she had it coming, and that she had deserved no better.
The scene changes…
There is one man, a  professor, who wants to study the cause and effect of the entire tragedy, because he is convinced that the people’s verdict regarding the girl’s demise is somehow amiss.
He begins to address his students with a lecture regarding the issue…
The scene changes again…
There are three couples who move into a four-storied mansion: a father and a mother, and their two grown sons who are accompanied by their wives.
I am the wife of the eldest son and the wayward young woman is the wife of the youngest son.
As events begin to unfold the young ‘wayward-inclined’ wife begins to take the path that will eventually lead to her aforementioned death.
Everyone in the family, with the exception of myself, begin to have strong opinions of judgement and condemnation in spite of their inclinations to try and do what is right for the ‘black sheep’ of the family.
They genuinely love my ‘sister-in-law’ but their attempts at ‘outer-world-minded’ counseling, in addition to their secret feelings of criticism serve only to cause her greater and greater despair.
I can see that as time progresses my ‘family’ will be highly influential in regards to certain key factors in the overall scenario which will ultimately serve to either save or destroy my ‘sister-in-law’.
I decide to go to the ‘mother’ and ask her to look at things in a different light, and to stand with me in the application of the Law of Life which I know, with no uncertainty, will be a far more effective strategy…
I explain to the ‘mother’ that if she and I collectively hold the ‘vision’ of God’s Divine Plan Fulfilled, by holding in our mind’s eye a clear, undisturbed picture of a Sun-Presence of Dazzling Diamond Shining Light surrounding and protecting the other ‘daughter’, then it would establish a focus of tremendous power that would serve to set my dear struggling ‘sister-in-law’ free from the very qualities within her outer self that are causing her to be led astray.
I further explain that it is absolutely necessary that we accept ‘no opposite’ during the course of the application…
By that statement I was referring primarily to how we govern our thoughts and feelings, because anything we say or do is of little consequence unless we first hold steady and true from within.
I knew that my  greatest challenge would be to remain determined in regards to my attitude when dealing with my ‘mother-in-law’ on this matter, otherwise the end result for the whole ‘family’ in general would be little better than the sorrowful tragedy that I had already witnessed.
Where two or more are gathered there I AM…Amen. 😉

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