I really, really like this post…it’s a great reminder for anyone who may be on a path similar to mine…Thank you so much DepictedProphet!


Somedays you lose your self. Deafened and dumbed, even happy thoughts aren’t enough. Life is designed to be rough, but somedays, just somedays, theres a leash that just won’t let you leave. Forced to interweave helpless feelings of nothing to achieve. Hopeless hopes strung out on atrocious ropes. A deep dark well with stale tastes of ungifted riches and just to many near misses. Broken bridges and rugged terrain you wish your brain would just for a second, just one second abstain and sit back and enjoy the rain. Stop jumping in front of the train! Reckoned to remain in a state of mundane dysphoria, Is something wrong with ya? No, these are normal feelings a true souls dealings. Look up to the ceiling, take a deep breath and realise this is one of the meanings of being. Lugubriosity is no curiosity its a fact of life. A surgical knife…

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    • Thank you, although I can’t take the credit for this insightful post. I agree-when life is tough I will also delve into those wonderful sources which will always give one the inspiration and knowledge to forge ahead. 😉

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