Don’t Get Mad~Take Charge!

Not long ago I was sitting out on the front porch, ranting to Beloved Saint Germain about the incessantly lazy nature of one of my household members.
Now I know it may seem odd that I would bother Saint Germain about something so worldly, but it works.
You see, instead of just loosing the energy to go out and gather more of it’s own kind (and then come back to whomp me upside the head), I hand it over, warts and all, to one of the Ascended Masters, who will actually come back with a workable solution.
Everyone knows that if you are pissed off about something then typically you will tell someone…right?
Well, in my experience I have found that most people offer advice freely, but it doesn’t always comply with my understanding of the Law of Life (Then again, my whining to another human about these issues doesn’t comply either… 😕 )
And even if my loved ones do offer good advice, which many times they do, they will very often continue on with all kinds of random opinions, speculations, and what have you, that basically just serves to muddy the water all the more…
But seeing that we ARE still very human, (God help us) the Great Ones will readily offer insight leading to the right solutions which, of course, comply with the Law of Life…and the Great Ones are always there to offer assistance~no matter what.
That is, if I remember to address my problems towards Their ever-so-wise counsel, before falling too deeply into the old and useless ways of the human self…
And of that I have been as guilty as everybody else on the planet…and I’m sure the Great Ones would agree! 😀
As I was venting my frustrations I ended by saying “and if I don’t constantly prompt him to stay on task, then the job never fucking ever gets done!”
(The Great Ones don’t seem to be bothered by my proclivity for colorful metaphors)
Saint Germain then replied in His gracious manner, “And what does that tell you?”
My reply, “That he’s a lazy motherfucker!”
Believe it or not, Saint Germain actually seemed to be somewhat humored, but all He said was, “What ELSE does it tell you?”
Well, of course, He expected me to think about it and find the answer from within. Naturally. So I went to work…
It took a few seconds, and then the answer came~from my own words, “Well, if he doesn’t do what is necessary, unless I prompt him, then I guess I need to prompt him more often…”
I knew immediately that I had hit upon the right answer by Saint Germain’s smile. “And what else?” He said.
“Ummm, well, I guess I know better than getting upset la la la…it’s my job to govern myself first and foremost la la la…and are you sure it’s ok to be bossy? You know I hate being bossy…but I know it’s better than being pissed off and carrying on with this hateful attitude that just dams up the flow of my own good…” I mumbled, mostly to myself.
“Ok. You’re right.” I finally agreed. ” I’ll do it and I will do it with the right attitude, and if I don’t do it as quickly as I should, then I won’t get mad.  Is it ok to bang my head on the wall??? Just kidding…sorry. I get it. I guess I just need to work on not being such a wuss and step up, before I get pissed, huh?  Thank you.”
Lesson learned: It is OK to take charge when necessary. In fact, it is imperative. So long as you do it with the right attitude, and with as much kindness as possible. Works like a charm. 😀
Thank you, Beloved Saint Germain…with all my Heart, from your silly still all-too-human servant. 😕


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