Following the Path…What Path?

One World Rising is an excellent blog written by VisionKeeper, a fellow soldier of the Light, for whom I have great respect and to whom I constantly look for inspiration (and wonderful posts to reblog!) Check it out. Thank you, VisionKeeper!

One World Rising

Here we are, going down the path and trusting it is taking us in the right direction. These are trying times indeed. Many question if this path is correct, many question if they are correct, some wonder if anything at all is really happening. The solar flares continue to pound us and throw us off-balance which doesn’t help but the energy they bring is necessary to move us forward. These trying times are like taking the cross town bus and being dropped off in a strange neighborhood. We are unsure of our surroundings, nothing looks familiar and there can even be a slight sense of danger. So how do you resolve those feelings and find your way safely to where you need to go? We must trust ourselves, trust that our decisions are sound and that we can count on ourselves to pull us through. If we don’t trust…

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4 comments on “Following the Path…What Path?

  1. Thank you Razor. I greatly appreciate your comments as I do your presence at One World Rising!!! VK

    • I remember that you were the first to give me a warm welcome when I first entered the scene…I am more grateful than ever to be included, 😉 Thank you, VK.

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