The Sun Dance

Sioux sun dance, 1874 - NARA - 530871

Sioux sun dance, 1874 – NARA – 530871 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This morning I woke up with many visions…predominant in my mind was the great Native American Ceremony, the Sun Dance
Ever since I was a kid I have longed to participate in this amazing ritual…and now I have come to understand that I will be privileged to live the reality of this ceremony everyday for the rest of my physical life.
Outwardly it will in no manner resemble the awesome and rapturous Native American Ceremony that I used to dream of during the days of my youth…
Nevertheless, spiritually, inwardly, it is all the same…it is the same Great Sun Dance that I have longed to participate in for the last 30 years.
However, this is an inner sacred ritual that can only be performed through the attention, vision, and qualification-held fast within the Great Spirit of the I AM.
This ceremony will be the ever-intensified application of the Cosmic Law-consistently maintained until the apex has been reached, finally breaking through the constraints of the flesh that have bound us to the world of suffering.
My first in-depth study, once freed from the confines of socialistic indoctrination, was of the Native American Culture. I studied with the same intensity that I would have done if I had been preparing for a college exam.
The Plains Nations held me absolutely enthralled…I used to lament the fact that I had not come into embodiment as one of their braves…
More than anything in the world I wanted to perform the awesome Sun Dance…
I felt as if it were my birthright, and I longed with all my heart for that which I felt was somehow (regardless of all appearances to the contrary) an intrinsic part of my destiny.
This was the one human ceremony in all the world that called out to the finest, most primal essence of my soul…
Alas! Now I find that during the last 3 decades since I first imagined myself as a rightful and ardent participant in the ceremonial Dance of the Sun…now I find…that all these years have been preparation!
Unbeknownst to my outer self, I have been making myself ready, constantly prompted towards preparation by Those who have always known…
Up until today it was all just a practice run…even going way back to those years when I was very young, when I would struggle to hold the vision of the Sun within my Inner consciousness…
I remember…while everyone else would lose themselves in a movie or whatever…I would be there…staring (with my mind’s eye) into the Sun…trying with all my might to see nothing else.
How hard it was, to disconnect from this world…
And now I will endeavor to perform this Great Ceremony with all my mind, with all my heart, and with all my soul…day after day, hour after hour, moment after moment, until all else has been consumed into the Great Orb that I call home…
With every fiber of our being-we shall be become stretched to the farthest point of endurance…then the release will come and we will be free…at last.

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