Green Day ..Jaded New Medication By timzauto

So, Tim, do you really think that I will someday be ok??? Even though this video shows exactly how I feel~even when I’m straight??? Love ya, Tim. And thank you for the belly laugh. 😉

timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid

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When You’re Strange

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Some days I just don’t know what to write. I don’t think that anyone would ever actually believe what my life is really like. It’s not so bad, you know, Just kind of strange and unexplainable. But it isn’t it the … Continue reading


What Is Sorcery???

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October 3, 1932 “The Western world likes to fool itself with the idea that it refuses to accept the ancient and Eastern idea of sorcery. In other words, the misuse of the Spiritual Powers. The worst kind of sorcery is … Continue reading

Stumbling Through the Communication Abyss

Well, at least I know that I don’t stand alone in my determination to ignore the bullshit…thank you so much, Old Jules. 😉

So Far From Heaven

Good morning readers.  Thanks for coming by.

Neighbor:  “Did you hear what the Governor of Texas did about Obamacare?

Me:  “I don’t know who’s Governor of Texas.  Don’t care what he did about anything.   Don’t know nothing about Obama, Obamacare, nothing.” 

Neighbor:  “Well you’d better find out!”

Me:  “I don’t go to doctors.  Haven’t been to one in 20, 25 years.  If I can get out of here before the election I might be able to go through the next presidential term without knowing who’s president.”

Neighbor shakes head frowning, shrugs.  The Universe pauses in anticipation of the next topic of conversation.

Old Jules

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Govern the Change~Into the Seat of the Merkaba Pt.1

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Change is inevitable. Change comes daily, hourly…every single second of everyday something changes. Consider the thought processes…do they not constantly change, even while upon the same subject? Do not our thoughts change direction and content through the process of deduction … Continue reading


Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.2

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For most of my life I have seen everything (people, places, and conditions) from the Inner Levels of Consciousness… That is to say, in distinct geometric shapes, and in the formations of various patterns, which I have often thought of … Continue reading

Spirituality – The Ultimate Reality?

This video does an excellent job describing my overall perspective of physical manifestation…and it shows how my eyes see…from the inside. Thank you so much, Ganesh. 😉

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

As in Micro, so in Macro. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole. The atom contains the universe and the universe contains the atom, and neither exists without the other. Creator exists within creation, even as creation exists within creator.

– Brahmarishi Mayan, circa 10,500 BC

Spirituality is the Ultimate Source of Reality. All the Universe, Nature, Science, Mathematics, Physics, Music, Dance, Arts and Architecture follow the same pattern. All are the application of one and the same. Based on our field of interest we can choose any one and do a deep analysis. At the end every one will join at one same point. The video given above is an excellent analysis to show the application of Spirituality in each and every atom of Universe from Mathematical point of view.

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The Haunted Pt.1

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I wonder how many people out there are being haunted??? This is just a rough guess-ti-mate but I’d venture to say….hhhmmm…well, probably just about everybody. Sounds like a reasonable figure to me, considering all in all… When I was 5 years … Continue reading


Sacred Geometry~The Secret of the Ages Pt.1

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It wasn’t but just a short time ago that the subject of Sacred Geometry came before my outer attention. A friend of mine mentioned it during the course of a wonderful conversation that involved the Star Tetrahedron. I had never … Continue reading

Isn’t This True?

This is an awesome post that continues to inspire me everyday. I refer back to it constantly for reflection…and to become re-galvanized. Thank you so much, Michael. 😉

Have A Dream

“If you train hard,
you’ll not only be hard,
you willbe hard to beat.”
~ Herschel Walker.

Isn’t this true?

Of late, have your life become stale or redundant?

Please do not misunderstand me as most of us would have days when life seems it is the same as the day before.

Or, are you getting better and better every day, in every way?

Thinking allowed ……… I reckon, as we age, our focus and concern should be less on how our bodies age. Instead, emphasis should be on how we choose to consistently position issues in our minds.

Think creatively.

Every one of us will have a different perception on staying competitive. It is all about seeking out challenges and moving beyond our comfort zone. The good news is, we are blessed with the capacity to remain competitive only if we choose to stay competitive. 


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The Impossible Dare

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“Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an … Continue reading

We all can make a difference!

It all starts with one small step…thank you, VK!

One World Rising

Here is the back story to this wonderful soul bringing joy to the world! Thanks to

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The Global Vision

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Hello, everyone. I would like to share my viewpoint of another one of the many aspects of visualization that I am convinced is essential to our progress (and survival) en masse. Now I’m sure that most everyone has heard about … Continue reading

What Is Faith?

I can remember the days when it seemed that all I had was Faith, a relentless Faith, in what I could not see, then one day the invisible dream became my visible, undeniable Reality. Thank you so much, Pat…you always give me inspiration…

Source of Inspiration

What is faith?
Is it naive optimism,
rhetoric, a mask? Did
you ever face some
difficulty and feel
annoyed when someone
told you to have more
faith? Like you were
somehow failing spiritually
if you didn’t “have faith.”

But again I ask, “What is
faith?” Belief? A goal?
Something we learn, pray for,
long for? How does one acquire
faith? Faith in what? Is it
only associated with religious
dogma or can it stand alone?

I am tempted to give you a
“pat answer” but will not
because faith is such an individual
experience. How one reaches the
place of knowing is left to each
of us. I do know that we can ask for
faith, even when we aren’t sure we
believe in a Higher Power.

F earless
A ccepting
I ntuitive
T hankful
H ealing

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Caught In the Act~Systematic Visualization

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Today I have come back to the realization that visualization is an activity of consciousness that can (and should be) constantly invoked throughout all of my daily thought processes, which will typically take their own course of action if I … Continue reading


This is a wonderful post about the out-manifestation of visualization. I hope you enjoy and learn from it. I know I did. Thank you so much, Cat!

Cat's Place About Horses and Heart

The last few days have been a wonder of actualizing situations in my life. Starting with the incredible heat wave that tipped the scales Tuesday at over 110 on the car’s temperature gauge, which caused me to remember the words in several of the books I have been reading and from the speakers on the audio’s I have been listening to, of imagining what one does want, not what is.

So I began imagining the coolness in the morning as one ventures out, the sand tightly packed, dark, moist, with the grass covered in glistening drops. The little heads lifted up, soft, yielding, refreshed from the intoxicating downpour of the night before. The clouds a soft grey, still holding potentially more rainfall, yet now in a contributing continuation of moisture to accentuate the wondrous return of dampness to the much needed plants and soil. Remembering the cool, relishing in the…

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I AM the Resurrection and the Life

October 6, 1932 When Jesus said, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life”, He gave forth one of Mightiest Utterances that can well be expressed. You cannot overestimate the Power in this Statement. There is no limit to what you … Continue reading

The Quest To Be Rational

I love this quote. And while I can by no means claim to be entirely rational, I can honestly state that there has always been a rationale behind my pursuit. Thank you so much, Troy.

The Call of Troythulu

“Why continue? Because we must. Because we have the call. Because it is nobler to fight for rationality without winning than to give up in the face of continued defeats. Because whatever true progress humanity makes is through the rationality of the occasional individual and because any one individual we may win for the cause may do more for humanity than a hundred thousand who hug their superstitions to their breast.”

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The Eye of All Creation

Within the Eye of the Storm is the Heart Realm of All Creation Wherein abides the Sacred Throne Room of Infinite Expansion From whence issues the quivering Breath of Love Everlasting An Infinite Stroke of Comfort and All-Pervading Power We … Continue reading

Be the Change!

Change is inevitable so let us then take the helm and make it serve us well even as we learn to love each other again…thank you, Ganesh.

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

Do we want to Change the things around us! Change the people for better humanity, Change the world as heaven? Okay, then why don’t we start from our self. It’s very easy for our mind to think big and find fault on others as the reason for failure which we used to more often. If we start finding fault and criticize each Other, People, Media, Education, Economy, Politics, Government, Nation,.. which would be a never-ending blame game which ultimately result in spread of hatred (negative energy) among us but nothing else. Remember all the changes we are discussing now are nothing outside us, but its in us. It’s not just others have to change but the change begins from us. We make them and they are made of us. So if we want to change them, then we have to change!

Not just the things around us, personally we wish…

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Stand In the Right~Come What May

“Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” Abraham Lincoln My entire family is at war with each other. Nothing new there. I grew up in a war zone and continue to live in a … Continue reading

I Give Up!

I will give up trying to find a place for myself in this world but I will never give up in my quest to bring forth what I can give to this world. Thank you, Pat.

Source of Inspiration

Sometimes, I give up.
Just quit, or worse,
run away. “I don’t want
to do this anymore!”
my silent scream.

And then, I feel the embrace
of angels who draw near to
comfort me. They dry my tears,
give me a soothing cup of
star-beam tea, and fill me
with courage to try one more time.

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Visualize the World You Want

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Do you ever wake up in the morning with a very strong impression of a message that is being sent from one of your Guardian Angels??? That happens to me frequently…and I’m willing to wager that it is happening to … Continue reading

Karma (you reap what you sow)

This is an excellent article that really makes sense…in a world gone senseless! Thank you, Brad!

Ideas for success

Whether you believe in the eastern religions (karma), Jewish religion (Proverbs 11:17 Those who are kind benefit themselves, but the cruel bring ruin on themselves) Christianity (Galatians 6:7 A man reaps what he sows.) or no religion at all (the law of attraction-what you think about you bring about) there is evidence that you can control your life much more than most people realize. You have the power to make your life good or bad, happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful.  Many Christians believe in the law of attraction-it is basically the law of faith.

Karma says that if you are good and you do good things, good will come to you.

King Solomon said that the kind benefit themselves, if a person is kind and says and does kind things, good will flow toward him. If he does bad things, bad will flow toward him. Something as simple as…

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The Blend That Will Set You Free

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Beloved Ones of My Heart, as we enter into the deeper explanation and use of what it means to draw this Great Violet Consuming Flame into physical conditions, I want to make something very clear to you, so that you … Continue reading


The Parable of a Dream

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Yesterday morning I had an interesting dream. Since I already understood what it meant, I thought perhaps it had been intended that I should share… There was young wayward woman who, after having gone too far astray, sadly ends up … Continue reading

What has a light side and a dark side and holds the universe together?

I absolutely love this post…kind of reminds me of myself…scary…and cool…LOL. Thank you so much, Clotildajamcracker…you rock!


The Razor’s Edge

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“Avoid popularity if you would have peace.” Abraham Lincoln When I was in school I was never one of the popular kids. Go figure. 😀 But ever so occasionally one of the ‘populars’ would actually be nice to me for … Continue reading


I really, really like this post…it’s a great reminder for anyone who may be on a path similar to mine…Thank you so much DepictedProphet!


Somedays you lose your self. Deafened and dumbed, even happy thoughts aren’t enough. Life is designed to be rough, but somedays, just somedays, theres a leash that just won’t let you leave. Forced to interweave helpless feelings of nothing to achieve. Hopeless hopes strung out on atrocious ropes. A deep dark well with stale tastes of ungifted riches and just to many near misses. Broken bridges and rugged terrain you wish your brain would just for a second, just one second abstain and sit back and enjoy the rain. Stop jumping in front of the train! Reckoned to remain in a state of mundane dysphoria, Is something wrong with ya? No, these are normal feelings a true souls dealings. Look up to the ceiling, take a deep breath and realise this is one of the meanings of being. Lugubriosity is no curiosity its a fact of life. A surgical knife…

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Don’t Get Mad~Take Charge!

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Not long ago I was sitting out on the front porch, ranting to Beloved Saint Germain about the incessantly lazy nature of one of my household members. Now I know it may seem odd that I would bother Saint Germain … Continue reading

Following the Path…What Path?

One World Rising is an excellent blog written by VisionKeeper, a fellow soldier of the Light, for whom I have great respect and to whom I constantly look for inspiration (and wonderful posts to reblog!) Check it out. Thank you, VisionKeeper!

One World Rising

Here we are, going down the path and trusting it is taking us in the right direction. These are trying times indeed. Many question if this path is correct, many question if they are correct, some wonder if anything at all is really happening. The solar flares continue to pound us and throw us off-balance which doesn’t help but the energy they bring is necessary to move us forward. These trying times are like taking the cross town bus and being dropped off in a strange neighborhood. We are unsure of our surroundings, nothing looks familiar and there can even be a slight sense of danger. So how do you resolve those feelings and find your way safely to where you need to go? We must trust ourselves, trust that our decisions are sound and that we can count on ourselves to pull us through. If we don’t trust…

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The Illumination of the Emotions

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Sense Experience: The Good, the Bad, & the Mistaken

This is an excellent article written by a man whose viewpoint I greatly respect. It is important to look at the whole picture in order to accurately discern the Truth within the many pieces of the great puzzle that we know as Life. Thank you, Troythulu!


The Sun Dance

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This morning I woke up with many visions…predominant in my mind was the great Native American Ceremony, the Sun Dance… Ever since I was a kid I have longed to participate in this amazing ritual…and now I have come to understand … Continue reading

Essence of Religion

This is very relevant to the present cycle and the shift that is the ONE great hope for ALL…Amen. Thank you, Ganesh!

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

The fundamentals of all religions are the same. Non-essentials only differ. Every religion teaches: There is one, eternal, all-pervading, all-blissful, all-peaceful Supreme Being. Speak the truth. Love all. Serve all. Purify your heart. Never hurt others’ feelings. Be pure. Observe celibacy. Control the senses and the mind. Concentrate. Meditate and attain God-realization.

One religion is as good as another. One road to the Supreme is as good as any other road. There are different kinds of roses but the scent is one. Religion is one, but many are its forms of practice. The essentials of all religions are the same. Let not sectarians blind your vision into a narrow view of religion. All prophets are messengers of God. Their words are infallible and sacred.

“Do as you would be done by. Do unto others as you wish others do unto you.” This is the whole of Dharma. Attend to this…

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The Stand Pt.3-A New Cycle Begins

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Something very significant took place yesterday… Quite frankly, I don’t really wish to disclose it…I know that more than ever I will sound like a delusional nut… However, I guess that is part and parcel of this blogging gig~I just … Continue reading


Man Your Own Battle Station

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“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” ~George S. Patton The Children of God are not supposed to see and feel alike. Why??? Simple. It’s called individuality. Without individuality, we wouldn’t have Free Will. And without Free Will…well, … Continue reading

Deep, Then Deeper

I absolutely love this…it moves me to tears…Thank you, Pat…

Source of Inspiration

Keep in mind that you are
stronger than you think.
When you think the well
is dry, reach deep within
for the Source of All
springs forth without
ceasing. Go deep and
and drink the purest water
of love for it strengthens
you, gives you courage
to try one more time to
be who you already are.

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