The Discipline Pt.3

Every new day is another opporunity to do better than the day before. The first thing on my agenda every morning is to turn directly to my God Presence and make the connection as strong possible before the conditions in the outer world try to drive in and take over.
Very often I will feel one of the Great Ones reaching through to prompt me about an important issue. Sometimes I pay very close attention, and other times I get interrupted~either by internal ramblings, or by someone else’s demands.
And that’s the place where I really have to take charge of my outer self. It’s doesn’t do me one bit of good to jump out of bed and barricade myself in the bathroom, if my own wayward tendencies are the havoc wrecking culprits. 😉
It’s kind of funny to watch the outer self and the many ways that it can so easily be led astray. Very often I will wake up with an extraordinary clarity and I have no trouble whatsoever staying focused.
Almost invariably, however, those will be the days that someone will be rapping on the bathroom door asking me a question about something that really isn’t very important but obviously can’t wait one second longer…
Usually I can run them off pretty quickly, but by then my serenity has been somewhat ruffled and I’ll start to grumble to myself, or get caught up in thoughts that are entirely of the outer world.
And that’s the moment when I have to get right to work at quieting myself again in order to get back into alignment before I get thrown off balance.
In regards to dealing with personalities, I already know that it is something within or around the currents of energy from the outer self of the other individual that will typically throw me off kilter.
But only if I have allowed their energy to connect with me…
Therein lies the greatest struggle for this sidewinder of a servant…I must always be on guard…
And the only way to effectively do that is to keep my attention focused with unwavering determination upon my application of the Law…
Regardless of the fact that I may be behind a solid door, if I don’t have my guard up with enough intensity, then the very moment that I begin to interact with the other person, my energy will connect with their energy…
And because they are typically in a different  frequency than I am, it’s starts a ripple effect which can quickly escalate into a distortion in my feeling world…
Now I know it sounds like I’m a great big baby for being effected by something so seemingly insignificant. But the truth is that at the time it usually doesn’t seem like such a big deal, especially if I’m in a good mood.
But if I pay very close attention to my feeling world I will find that during my interaction with the other personality the connection with my Presence or the Great Ones has become somewhat weakened…
And if I don’t pull back into ‘the stream’ and start rebuilding the connection, then pretty soon I start to shift out of the state of consciousness where I can more easily maintain a stronghold throughout the day…
Of course, interference of any kind is generally allowed to come in by my lack of determination to systematically govern the outer self.
These are the same words that come to me daily from my own God Presence:

“You must keep your attention focused and you must govern yourself systematically at all times.”

And it’s not that I always deliberately ignore the promptings of my Presence…
Sometimes, however, I will kind of side-step the counsel of my Presence (or the Great Ones) because there are days when I just want to have my own way and do my own thing.
Typical human behavior. But it never pays off. Never.
During the last two and half decades I have been trained in the use of a system by which I can effectively keep the disturbances of the outer world from effecting me…
But if I allow my attention to get caught on the conditions of the outer world, then it doesn’t take but just a little bit of time for the destructive force that is within the qualification of the appearance to drive into my feeling world…
And the next thing you know I’m in a sputter…(or I’m running off half-cocked and full of the ego-gone-wild…)
Now I can always call on the Law of Forgiveness real quick like and reverse the ill effects that I have allowed to creep in, but if I don’t do it before my emotions have become saturated with the negative frequency, then I have to spend extra time and energy cleaning it all out.
Totally counter-productive!!!
And what’s worse, is that typically at that point my human self will become lazy and think, “Oh, well, it’s no big deal. I’ll just let it ride…”
Then a little further up the road I find myself dealing with conditions that are the direct result of what I had previously allowed into my feeling world through my attention.
Then I get pissed off because I have to deal with more shit, which in turn creates even more shit…
There are times when I feel like I want to break everything that I can get my hands on, and sometimes I do. Then I start blubbering like a freaking 2 year old because I know I’ve opened the door to even more destruction…
And now I’m gonna have to work my ass off for a solid week just to bring everything back into alignment…
Way to go, HaelRazor…stay focused, ya dumb broad!!!
Unfortunately, there are many people in the outer world today who don’t understand how these things get set into action. It’s very, very important to use a firm hand in regards to governing the outer self, otherwise we just go on and on in an endless cycle of cause and effect producing little more than total destruction.
And everybody knows that we have enough shit to deal with already without creating and/or allowing in more of the same kind. We have all the power in the Universe by which to change these conditions and we may as well get to it while we still have the opportunity to make a difference.

And that means YOU, HaelRazor! So, stop screwing around and get ‘er done already! Crikey!

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