Ye Are Gods

Be still~and know that I AM~GOD

Not so long ago, while in deep contemplation, the Beloved Saint Germain spoke these words to me:

“Think not of what it is that you want to do. Think of what it is that needs to be done.”

Well, that is the trick now isn’t it…
Have you ever noticed the difference between the holy men of the Far East who spend most of their lives in places of solitude, and those of us in the outer world who struggle to attain the same level of holiness while in the midst of chaos???
The answer is already there, within the question itself. Those known as ‘holy men’ have for the most part withdrawn themselves from the world of outer affairs…
And WE ARE HERE~in the middle of the war~the last great war, that will truly and forever be the end of all wars…
These are the days of mass enlightenment when many will arise and begin to seek a way to gain dominion over the limitations of their own past creation.
And they will do this while yet in the midst of the greatest battle ever known…
By so doing they will make it possible for judgement to be averted so that Divine Justice may take hold and bring balance between the positive and negative poles of creation within the Earth…and within ourselves.
We are now doing what has never before been done…
We are opening the Door to Heaven…while in the midst of Hell. This the Key that Jesus gave to us when He overcame death.

Lord Jesus proved that any form of evil can be reversed by the Great Command of God…

I AM the Resurrection and the Life

I AM the Open Door

I AM that I AM

Ye Are Gods





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