Choose Your Weapon


my life

I have been

trying to figure

this shit out and find

a solution for that which has

caused so much suffering.

By the Grace of God,

our Father,

I know


at last

I have come

to the answer for

my own Individualized

service to all life.

I AM now Become the

Law of the ArchAngel Michael’s 

Overwhelming Cosmic Fiery Christ

Force of the Flaming Sword of Divine Justice~

If you speak and feel the words you will become that also.

Just remember the ArchAngel will come and drive

His Blade straight down & thru your backbone-

Heart, mind, and soul.

No worries.

It won’t hurt so long as you always

use it qualified to BE the Power

that sets all life free from

torment and sorrow.

Whatever you do-

choose your weapon from

the arsenal of the One Source.

Do it now. PLEASE. Time is short.

You must be Armed by the Power of the

Almighty Light of God that never fails.

Choose your weapon & choose well.

I AM Become One-For ALL.

I AM that I AM




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