The Fury Pt.4

I arrived at the house very late that night. After settling myself into the guest room, I dozed off rather quickly, but I didn’t really go to sleep. Instead, I kept tossing and turning in a state of ‘half consciousness’ that was fitful to say the least.
Something kept disturbing me. It was a strange murmuring sound. A commotion, like many voices whispering all around my head. Inwardly I must have been resisting the frequency. Instinctively I knew that I didn’t want to hear what was being said.
In my mind’s eye I could see a portal located at the back of the closet. The din of murmurs continued to increase. In my subconscious I knew that something was prodding me-demanding my attention.
I withdrew even further, trying to close the door of my consciousness against the bothersome intrusion…
The words drove right through, to my very core, like a red-hot wrecking bar. I sat up straight, fully attentive, gaping like an idiot at an awesome vortex of seething hatred.
All I could make out was a whirling mass of black smoke-like substance inside of which stood something so powerful and malevolent that I was frozen by the sheer pressure of it’s dominate force.
I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. It seemed that this ‘thing’ had taken hold of every atom of my being in order to convey the message-
I didn’t hear another syllable spoken, but I knew with every fiber of my being that this ‘thing’ wanted me out of that house. It had a strangle-hold on my every sense, making me understand with NO uncertainty that I had been given a warning.
I was stupified. All I could do was wait for it to loosen it’s petrifying grip. Finally, it began to withdraw, almost like a breath, slowly inhaled back into the mouth of the closet portal.
I sat there like a dummy for God only knows how long. Eventually I laid back down again, with peeled-wide-eyes scanning the dimly lit room, fearfully watching for any sign of spectral movement.
Then a horrible thought occurred to me. What if that ‘thing’ had been the ghost of Diana? How could I possibly go up against her poor benighted soul if she really, truly wanted me to leave???
As daybreak drew near I fell back to sleep with the heavy thought of Diana’s supposed hatred weighing down hard upon my bewildered state of consciousness.
More than anything, I dreaded the possibility of having opened the door to Diana’s hatred again. Then I had a dream…
I dreamed that I was in the same room, but it was brilliantly lit up as if by the sun at noonday. Diana, looking as sweet and beautiful as I had once known her to be, leaned over the bed where I lay.  She smiled at me and softly said,
“You ARE welcome here”.
Even to this day the memory of that dream, the words that Diana spoke, the gift that set me free from ignorance and torment-still the memory moves me to tears of gratitude for her unexpected and precious blessing.
For me at least, the matter had been settled. No one but a member of the family had the right to order me out of that house. On the other hand, I had no intention of aggravating the unknown ‘assailant’.
To be on the safe side of respect, I decided to  move out of the ‘occupied’ room instead. I had absolutely no idea what it was that had made such a dramatic entrance. I only hoped that ‘it’ would be somewhat placated by my small gesture of regard.
I moved all the way to other end of the house, where I slept on a lumpy couch. I would have probably slept out in the garage but there wasn’t an inch of space where I could squeeze through and find a place to lay down. I’m serious…it was total freakin’ clutter.
The only time that I went back to where the bedrooms were located was to take a shower. I guess I wasn’t afraid enough just yet to use the garden hose…nevertheless, I made sure that I only went into the ‘zone’ during daylight hours.
This, however, only minimized the sensation of having ‘it’ breathe on me from out of the very walls. Even during the day, the hallway was ‘the path of dread’.
At nighttime, the intensity would become palpable increasing to such a degree that I could feel ‘it’ everywhere. For some reason, I managed to sleep in peace for almost a whole week. Then…’SHE’ came out to finish the job.

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