The Stand Pt.2

Please keep in mind that I’m not claiming to be the know-all of everything to do with the Law of Life, or of anything for that matter. I’ve made more mistakes than I can count, but that doesn’t diminish the value of the understanding that my experiences have brought to me.
I sincerely apologize if it sounds as if I think that I know it all. Sometimes as I proofread my posts I get to thinking that maybe that’s how it comes off. I am well aware of the fact that as a human I am highly fallible. Therefore, it’s quite likely that I give forth some of the information warped and garbled. Just kidding. I’m not going to ruin it to that extent…
However, if you do happen to subscribe to what it is that I write, then please make sure to always prove it~through yourself, to yourself, and for yourself-before accepting my word. That way you will always know beyond a shadow of a doubt whether or not I am getting my convictions across without distortion.
I can honestly say (with a straight face) that God specifically directed me to do this blog. And if the truth be known, I am thoroughly convinced that it as much for myself that I do this as for anyone else.
This is my open channel of expression-an impersonal yet heartfelt connection with the outer world where I will be held accountable by the people who are not likely to be so forgiving as the Father.
This blessed interaction creates for me a balanced circuit between the two poles of creation that will undoubtedly generate an impulse that should stir up enough determination to be consistently obedient to the requirements of the Cosmic Law. Insha’Allah
I’m sure everybody knows what happens if you don’t ground an electrical current. The Cosmic Law is the only safe ground for this zapped out, and done with loose ends, little HaelRazor. I don’t think I will be able endure the shock of another attack from planet-you-fucked-up-again.
Anyway…the best incentive for doing this blog is that it will consistently bring my ‘mission impossible ubber out there dream job’ to the forefront my consciousness, so that my focus won’t be so easily undermined by all the bullshit that never stops trying to drive in to wreck havoc on my natural born groove.
There is one glaring bit of intelligence that I have been deep-briefed on repeatedly during the last 23 years of suffering under the extreme influence of my stuck-on-stupid behavior. And that is how the forces of destruction operate and the many nefarious ways that they have of using our own energy against us.
I have a tendency to be so lax in my determination to be obedient that very often I end up getting my ass kicked. It was only by my use and understanding of the Cosmic Law, and by the continual assistance of the Great Ones, that I am alive to write these words today.
Due to my recurring bouts with untimely breakouts of disobedience, I have had to handle forces that are so dangerous and outrageous that you probably won’t believe even half of what I tell you, but I’m going to give it a shot anyway. I finally realize that this blog is a part of the whole picture that I have come to understand as my service to the Earth.
And by putting it all out there, warts, insanity, headbanger mood swings and all, it will undoubtedly fuel my determination to consistently man-the-station, so to speak. Anyway, I know that it is necessary to my fragile grip on everything to tell my strange little story. So…I’m just gonna be a good kid for once-and trust.
But seriously, I know that a lot of people are dealing with the same kind of oppression that I’ve dealt with and even though these individuals are probably very close to God perhaps they don’t yet understand how to use the Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command.
For 27 years now I have been working towards developing a skill that has become a method of clear visualization and distinct qualification which I have finally learned to use as a consistent and steadfast application of the Cosmic Law.
In other words, one must build the ‘Cup’ by being consistent in the application of visualization and then repeatedly fill the cup by remaining steadfast in the determination to continue the application that sets the Great Command into action…and that is what produces physical manifestation. I hope that makes sense…
I constantly call forth the Activities of the Sacred Fire in my service to Life, because that is what is necessary to set all Life Free. There may be others who have different methods that are working quite well for them, and if that be the case, then more power to them.
But this I do know~the Cosmic Christ Power of the Sacred Fire is Supreme. Nothing on this planet can resist it once it has reached a certain level of intensity within and around any individual who chooses to use it.
The Sacred Fire Power of the Great Command is what our Lord Jesus used during His ministry. He used it so effectively that the work He did has continued to last and expand even to this day.
Now many would say that no one can use the Powers that Jesus used, but He did clearly state that the works that He did ‘shall (we) do also’-John 14:12 -That of course hinges on whether or not we believe in Him, which is pretty easy if you’re willing to try.
As for myself I keep screwing shit up because I have been allowing my outer self to be influenced by the conditions and personalities in the world around me.
This is the hour where I must make my final determination to be true to the Source and to never falter in my application. Not for a day, not for a hour, not even for a second.
That sounds nigh unto impossible even to me, but if I want to produce miracles for those that I love then I must first produce miracles consistently within and around this outer self.
And thereby will I become worthy and able to pour forth all that I can possibly give to help others to use the same Power of the Great Command so that the whole world will one day know that ‘the Light of God never fails’. It never has and It never will!

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