The Stand Pt.1

When I was 11 years old I convinced my parents that I no longer needed a babysitter. It was wonderful, because having another person around when I could be alone was usually a drag.
Except for when it got dark outside…
I had always been afraid of the dark, as most children are, and for good reason. There are many things which live in the darkness that can definitely make your hair stand on end should they be permitted to reveal themselves.
Someone (or something) is always watching. Whether it be our own Individualized Presence of Life, the Great Ones, invasive Elementals, or entities of our own creation…
We are never alone. I guess that’s why I don’t ever mind being alone, because I never actually feel alone. However, feeling like there is something malevolent staring at me from every corner is something that I definitely do not appreciate.
I especially didn’t appreciate it  when I was 11, and without a clue as to what it was that kept pestering me. Eventually, it became so intense (and downright annoying) that I decided to do something about it.
So, one night when my parents were gone, I shut off every light in the house and I sat myself down in nice little corner with a view. And I waited…
I was certain that I would see something, because I could feel it there. It was that same kind of feeling as when you automatically turn your head and catch someone staring at you. Except in this case, every time that I’d look…well, what do you know, nothing would be there…but the feeling constantly persisted.
At that point I just wanted to know what in the Hell it was. I knew I had to confront it one way or another. Otherwise I would have to go on with that horrible feeling of being haunted all the time, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Somehow I figured that if I could actually see this thing then maybe I wouldn’t be so afraid.
I was determined to sit, watch, and wait until the little monster came out…
As I waited and my eyes adjusted to the dark, the light from the moon, or streetlights (or whatever it was) began to stream through the windows…and oddly enough, my fear began to subside. It actually seemed as if the atmosphere had began to glow, ever so softly, with a golden light.
Suddenly, everything felt absolutely still and extraordinarily peaceful. I sat there for the longest time just soaking it all in. Then I began to laugh, and I said to myself, ‘There’s nothing to be afraid of after all. There’s nothing in the darkness but the darkness!” And with that, the fear was gone!
From that moment on, up until my first experience with a Jinn, I was completely oblivious to the forces of darkness. Of course, I knew from my spiritual training that there was a condition known as the sinister force…but to me it was a very vague, almost theoretical type of subject.
A subject which I believed was for the most part useless to consider as being relevant to my spiritual progress. After all, I served the the Light. I had no interest in the type of things that would normally open the door to the sinister force.
Or so I thought…
However, at that time I was almost entirely unaware of the enormous impact that the black magicians were having on our daily lives through their manipulation of the Beings and Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements…
We now stand at a crossroads of epic magnitude and it is time to deal with the conditions that we have heretofore preferred to ignore.
The Beings of the Elements are NOT our enemies…but they have been, to a critical degree, corrupted by our experiment with disobedience. We are responsible for the present condition of these Beings, which are commonly referred to as demons. Like it or not, that’s the way it is and soon enough there won’t be any margin left for denial…
There was once a time (in a history mostly forgotten) when we worked in complete cooperation with the Beings and Powers of Nature and Forces of the Elements. Those were the days when we still retained the full and conscious memory of our Divine Origin.
However, it was never intended that we should summons and use the Elementals in the practices which are known today. We have no right to ask these Beings for anything. The God-Head alone has the right to command them in their service to the Earth, as well as in their service to humanity.
When humanity took it upon themselves to command the Beings and Forces of the Elements in a manner in which they had no divine authority, that’s when the chain of command was broken and the balance of Nature began to shift out of alignment on this planet.
Now, the Elementals, and to a large degree the Forces of Nature to which they are directly connected, have become veritable marionettes for the beast. It is time to fix this damnable problem before it progresses any further, otherwise the shit is going to hit the fan and decimation en masse could easily be the end result.
That is a completely unacceptable scenario. We are creators made in the image and likeness of the Source, and ‘we the people’ have more power in one little finger than all the forces of destruction put together. That is, once we turn our backs on the ignorance of the past, and with obedient Hearts, turn to face the Light of God that never fails.
Together we must stand and issue the Great Command that will bring everything back into alignment within and upon this precious planet. That can only be accomplished when we have faced the truth of existence within and around ourselves…
By acknowledging our responsibilities (including the mistakes that we have made) as co-creators of the world we live in today.


2 comments on “The Stand Pt.1

  1. What is the difference between the Elements and the Forces of Nature? Here is a statement that is 100% true for me; it is a message that comes again and again to me: We are creators made in the image and likeness of the Source, and ‘we the people’ have more power in one little finger than all the forces of destruction put together. That is, once we turn our backs on the ignorance of the past, and with obedient Hearts, turn to face the Light of God that never fails. hugs, pat

    • Thank you, Pat. Those two sentences alone state the entire focus of my attempt at relating what is that I have learned over the last 27 years. I can’t say that I have fully comprehended all the lessons, but what I wrote in that instance is absolute Truth, and it means a lot to me that you hit upon that so quickly.

      Now, in regards to the difference between the Elements and the Forces of Nature it would probably be best to start with an analogy that is directly related: to capture static electricity in the atmosphere and convert it into dynamic electrical energy. That’s basically how the Elements became the Force that we know as Nature. Whenever energy is gathered and concentrated into a focus that is qualified with a specific purpose, it then becomes a force. The Source of All Creation has many purposes and the Forces of Nature serve as the agents of perpetual physical manifestation, created to be independent of ‘human’ will. There are also ‘Beings’ of the Elements who were designed to act as agents, but many have been corrupted by our destructive tendencies and that is why we often experience problems with the so-called ‘demonic forces’. These Beings can be very, very powerful, because they are directly connected to the Elements in general, as well as to the Forces of Nature.

      I hope that gives you an answer that you can work with. Ganesh has an article that describes the Elements in a way that is pretty much the same my perception. Here is the link:

      I think it is a good idea to look around and analyze different viewpoints based on the same principles, because then it allows your consciousness to more definitively grasp certain key factors, which makes it easier for your own God Presence to awaken the outer consciousness to what you already unconsciously know.

      Many Blessings to you my dear Sister, Zor’ra 😉

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