The Discipline Pt.2

Many years ago my Presence said these words to me:
Whenever you are dealing with personalities you are dealing with the sinister force
I was like, huh? Are you kidding me? How can that be???
Because personalities are an open door to the destructive forces in the outer world
What do you mean? Do you mean everybody??? How can I possibly guard myself I against every single person I contact??? I mean that’s a like a lot of freaking work!!!
But let me tell you, my Presence was right. As usual. Imagine that! Yet still, even to this day, I have a really hard time with that one issue.
By nature I’m pretty fond of people even though I don’t have much in common with most of them. Nevertheless, EVERYONE is a member of my family.
All the individuals on this planet are a part of my Life. Like it or not. I genuinely care for every person that I contact, regardless of how bad they appear to be. I guess it’s just apart of the job…
But the other part is that because of my position in Life it is imperative that I don’t let anyone too close to me. Now I’m not trying to toot my own horn…(although I confess that I do have a tendency to get full of myself from time to time)
Nor am I trying to say that I’m extra special or anything like that-everybody is perfectly capable of surpassing me in anything they choose to do. That should be obvious
What I’m trying to get at is this:
In my service to the Light I automatically became a target for the sinister force. The dark ones definitely know who I am. And it’s NOT because I have (heretofore) deliberately made a flashing red flag out of myself.
But anytime that an individual starts to expand the Light in their own Lifestream by the attention held consistently upon the Source, the dark side will undoubtedly feel the shift in their little scheme.
The outer world is practically cloaked in total darkness (spiritually speaking) and if you start to expand the Light, what do you think is going to happen??? The darkness is going to freakin’ notice.
Furthermore, if you start to consciously use the Light to set other Lifestreams free from a certain amount of the suffering that is so rampant everywhere…well…that’s when the darkened ones really start to sweat!
Then what do you think is going to happen??? They are going to come after your ass, and they are going to use every available avenue to launch an attack. And personalities make excellent marionettes. Why???
Because most of them don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Furthermore, the energy in their mental and emotional bodies is qualified with more discord than you can possibly imagine.
This gives the forces of destruction automatic access, because frequencies of similar vibration can be easily joined. Now I’m not saying that people are evil to the core or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong…
Truth is, that most of mankind would have done the right thing a long time agoit’s inherent in the growth of all things natural to follow the Light. External influence is what turned over 90% of mankind from the path of (right-use-ness) righteousness.
But now there is such an accumulation of destruction in the lower dimensions that mankind has become practically helpless. The sheer pressure of destructive energy is enough to kill almost everybody on the planet.
If it weren’t for the Great Ones and the Sacred Fire which they constantly draw into, through and around the Earth, at least two-thirds of us would have already gone through the second death. I kid you not.
The upside to this formidable scenario is that that most of mankind can be easily turned back to the Light once the condition that the black magicians are responsible for perpetuating has been reversed.
That’s the trick. And that’s where we now stand…

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4 comments on “The Discipline Pt.2

  1. This is great and I agree…written in such a point blank way.
    Zo’Ra, I have profound respect and admiration for what you have done for humanity in your “hand to hand combat with Team Dark” and transmuting the negativity into a higher frequency while fully embodied. What I know is that ‘embodiment’ is what we came in to do….to DO…. in other words, all the crucial work has to be done here in the flesh in ground zero. Some of us are ones who make strategic decisions here, we perform all kinds of tactics, us, we, do this now, yes us, in how to win this war……even in our sleep…..especially during sleep. We are the ones giving the orders so to speak, we are the commanders. Who else can be qualified to do so but those who are in the thick of things? The help we receive from the ethers are taking instruction from us, the ground crew. Dolores Cannon also speaks of this, how brilliant she believes this plan was that all the changes necessary to evolve this planet is to ”do it from the inside”….by being born here.

    Your journey has certainly been more difficult than most. What could be more stressful than being constantly under attack? As a result you have had to become very aware and strong. And get on with doing what you came here for. As you mentioned, the majority of the people do not want to fully consciously know and admit … just how extensive the negativity, atrocities and deceptions on Earth have been and how profoundly handicapped humanity has become due to Team Dark’s multidimensional actions against them. Yes, anyone’s first reaction to this knowledge is DENIAL. Who would want to believe this stuff? You had no choice but to face the reality. As Beings of Light, we all need to face the reality now. As I keep on “preaching”: “Accepting what has happened in all of its horror transforms a soul, and enables deprogramming. You can’t release something if you don’t know what it is you are releasing.”

    I believe we are transmuters. We experience the pain so we can come up with antidotes because I know on some level we have no idea just how dark it is for the people, so we need to experience it. For example, I’ll never forget when I experienced betrayal. THAT was when I understood why women cry all the time and so much. Before that I’d just watch them cry with wonderment. Now I not only relate, I understand Lilith. We are here to transmute consciously. When we see injustices we “dismantle” the cause of it, not just curse the perpetrator. I think what ‘we’ do is find the cause, figure out, and strategize ways to end, remove, banish it from existence. I know I do.

    And another thing, just because a person thinks or feels they are a lightworker doesn’t mean they are. PLEASE , no insult or disrespect to those who are not ”attacked”…..none at all….it just means that good hearted nice people are not necessarily ”lightworkers”…..or ”starseeds”. It could be they are simply nice good people who are lucky they’re not having these issues. There are very many people who do not like the troubles of the world, its suffering, and are nice people, not lightworkers. I know that those who intentionally go after the team dark, speak of team dark and how they operate, write about them etc, are noted and are attacked because they are using their clarity, awareness and abilities in exposing them and that which they want to remain hidden.

    • Thank you, Renate…thank so very much for your acknowledgement and acceptance…but most for all for your understanding. I feel deeply honored by every word that you wrote. You said it all. It’s not easy to find someone who has that kind of awareness. Most people don’t quite understand my direction and typically they will misinterpret the true nature of my convictions. It’s been hard to rise above the opinions of others, but I should have been more forthright long ago. In the end they will know the truth…
      In the meantime I am grateful to have found that I am not alone. I knew there were others like me, such as yourself, the forerunners who carry the load that many don’t yet comprehend. As we work together, each of us in our own individual stations, we will begin to see a mass awakening that will change many conditions much more quickly than most people would believe to be possible. I look forward to this collaboration, because it generates inspiration which fuels my determination to stay on task-in spite of whatever may arise. God Bless you, Renate. You have left me nearly speechless with your kindness. And I thank you with all my Heart…

      • Thank you Zo’RA!
        I am happy as well to connect with you on a level that is way beyond the usual trivialities.

        My life is constantly being integrated between my spiritual office and my outer life and to talk about me is often more related to the inner condition. My outer life was always a skin that I participated in out of necessity, rather that being engaged with it. That said, it is also one of the most vital in connecting the Source to earth and I have fought tooth and nail for my own simple outer existence, which I love very much.

        Like the ocean I am full of secrets and a perfect disguise on the surface – as are you beautifil Zo’RA. These are our treasures. I’m becoming comfortable with my treasure being in me and not necessarily known to every wanderer. Many who see more of me run away from me. I used to despair at this truth – to have everything to give and no one to give it to and to have to be separated from the very ones who truly love me. Loneliness. However now as things have progressed and further integration unfolds, my burden is easier as great masses of collective impurity has been purged from the lower layers of humanity, this enables me to live more in this world…as you know it is called the New Earth – my Earth – the way it should be…paradise regained. I sit now contented and enjoy all my children inside of me, so in that way we are not separate.

        Shams of Tabriz – the perfect master of Rumi said “What you think is impossible is the very thing God can do.” Now is the time for impossible things……like water sliding from one gradient to another, the tide turns”.

        May all the blessings of the universe be with you!

      • Hi Renate! And sorry it took so long to reply…

        I fully agree with every word that you said. These issues that are so extraordinarily significant to me and which I typically struggle to put into words, are explained so perfectly and with such great ease by you, my dear ‘eloquent’ Sister. I guess you could say that I’m kind of a barbarian at times, although my inner senses are (somewhat) highly refined-in spite of all outer appearances. 😀 I feel fortunate beyond words to have met someone such as yourself-someone who totally grasps where it is that I am coming from and who at the same time is on your level of educated communication with the outer world. It is a unique experience for me to say the least and one that I value very greatly.

        I would very much like to reblog some of your articles as they are ‘correlated’ 😉 with what it is that I’m trying to get across from my own ‘off the beaten path’ point of view. I feel that your refined and well-educated perspective will perhaps make my somewhat ‘raw’ articles a bit more plausible. 😀 One can always hope…

        Anyway, I’m in the process of gathering my resources and should be running at full speed very soon…Insha’Allah and by the determination of the Light of God that never fails…I will BE all that is required of me…manifold and sustained without limit for ALL. Amen.

        Many Blessings and constant Protection be ever upon you, my dearest Renate!

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