The Fury Pt.3

It started out simple enough. Just an easy breezy housesitting gig for a couple of friends. This family had taken hold of my heart in a very deep-seated fashion, yet I had not even begun to fathom it’s origin.

A couple years before I stayed in their house they had experienced the devastating tragedy of losing their beautiful teenaged daughter in a freak automobile accident.

Even before Diana’s death something had seemed rather odd. What really caught my attention was that I could no longer feel her aura even when she’d walk right by me. It felt as if she were already gone.

Later I thought that it must have been because it was her time. But I’ve never experienced that same sensation with anyone else with whom I’ve been in close proximity before they passed to the other side.

Shortly after Diana’s accident, I had a dream which revealed a fearsome, demonic-like spirit. It scared the Hell out of me and I’m not easy to scare.

I mistakenly made the assumption that Diana was wrathful over having lost her physical life, and as a result had become the ghostly embodiment of a furious vengeance truly horrible to witness.

Thereafter, I became exceedingly wary of everything to do with the presence of Diana. I immediately sealed my consciousness against the connection I’d felt with the hateful creature that I’d seen.

I wouldn’t even allow myself to think about Diana lest it create an opportunity for her to make further contact. I pitied her, but I didn’t want anything to do with the monster in my dream.

For me it was a combination of superstition, sympathy and unmitigated dread. After I built up all of my defenses I never felt Diana or anything uncomfortable in regards to her again.

So, when her parents approached me about housesitting, I had no qualms, nor any sense of fear. And since I had done my best to be very respectful of everything concerning Diana, I didn’t figure there was any reason for me to be worried.

However, my serenity was soon to be challenged by a Force that would alter my existence forever.

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