The Discipline

In the beginning of the Summer of ’07, I had been cleaner than a whistle for over 7 years. I didn’t even eat meat, let alone ‘party like an animal’.

My biggest struggle was keeping my eyeballs off the TV. I swear the damn thing is like a magnet. Nowadays I don’t care much for watching TV or movies, because there’s not much for me to hook into anymore.

But back then it was a different story altogether…

The vibratory action that drives into the mental and emotional bodies through most forms of media are typically detrimental to permanent spiritual progress.

That’s what God finally revealed to me one day when I became still enough to actually catch His frequency. He put it something like this:

The vibration from the content sets up a distortion in the emotional body as well imprinting upon the mind the qualification within the images that are being projected.

These conditions constantly interfere with the finer rates of vibration coming into and through the outer self from the Source.

Therefore it makes it very difficult for the student to receive clear instruction through the perfected images of the impressions that are being sent from the God-Head.

In other other words…

It’s going to come through (if it comes through at all) in an adulterated fashion making it almost impossible for the student of Light to have the kind of results necessary to insure uninterrupted spiritual progress.

Now I completely understood where He was coming from, but putting it into action was slightly more difficult considering that the people who lived in my home had the TV on 24/7.

Finally He told me to just practice keeping my attention off the screen and not worry so much about what I could hear. But even that proved to be a challenge.

At the time I didn’t realize that He was actually preparing me for the greatest challenge of my life.

If I had been more determined to keep my attention away from the TV, my inner bodies would have been further strengthened and thereby sustained by the Activities of the Sacred Fire.

And that is where the attention needs to remain focused. Only by keeping the attention steadily focused upon the Sacred Fire will the Unfed Flame within the Heart begin to expand and eventually rejoin with the Source.

The patterns commonly referred to as Sacred Geometry would have been left undisturbed. Thus the intensity of the momentum gathered and focused would have been become permanently anchored within and around my outer self.

In which case, I would have been in a much better state of preparation for what came next…as it turned out I walked in wobbling and ended up in a life-threatening trainwreck…again.

One would think that I would finally get a clue as to what not to do…


2 comments on “The Discipline

  1. I have not had a television for many years. You describe so well how insidious it is, bull of violence, subtle and not so subtle messages, and a huge waste of time. I could not live now with one in the house. I have learned the value of nourishing silence…mine and my environment. Important message you write. Your blog is full of tidbits of wisdom. Thanks! hugs, pat

    • No kidding. I confess we have TV in our home, but it’s like it doesn’t exist for me anymore. Even if someone wants me to watch something with them I’ll be there with my book, or laptop and the next thing you, the movie’s over and I didn’t see a single frame! The only time it’ll catch my attention is if there something spiritually relevant and then my inner radar takes over and catches the usable frequency just long enough take note of some bit of content that I shelf away as a reference. But you are right, it is total waste of time. Plus the frequency, even on mute, causes a disturbance in the ‘nourishing silence’. LOL Man, I guess everybody will think that we’re pretty weird, but I’d rather be weird, over being blind, dumb, and hypnotized any day of week. Thank you, Pat. I sincerely value your input. 😉

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