The “I am” quotation/affirmation – a visualization.

Thank you, Ian!!!

1. The Journey up the mountain.

A Quotation from The Milk Is White (This is you too, dear reader, so visualise each line carefully):

As the droplet is to the ocean,
I am.
As the lick of flame is to the fire,
I am.
As the sunbeam is to sunlight,
I am.
As the Great Spirit is,
I am.

Here is a visualisation:

re. line 1. Visualise a drop of water dropped into a glass of water; it is one with the water but still exists in its own right.

re. line 2. Visualise a fire and a lick of its flame; the lick is often separate from the fire but is still part of it. Without the fire it does not exist.

re. line 3. Visualise sunlight and a sunbeam. The sunbeam exists only because something has blocked out part of the ambient sunlight. Remove the block, and the sunbeam merges with the…

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