Our Day Has Come

I stopped paying attention to what the world had to say back in 1986. I told a few people what I could see coming. The very changes that are so evident right now.

I could see it in politics and the enforcements of Legislature, especially in all the talking heads of CNN…

I could feel the shift in social climate and in the last of the decent religions that were left to lean upon…

I could hear the scream of the Forces of Nature as the re-enactment of the past was driving full throttle…

People told me that I was full of shit. Ok. Whatever.

One half of me went deep inside to that place where I love to dwell-the only real home that I’ve ever known.

The other half of me stayed out in the ‘real world’. I pretended to be like everyone else, pretended I wasn’t living a double life.

I’d hear the Voice of God. He’d tell me exactly what I needed to do. My¬†responsibilities, the requirements of the Law, what to look out for and how everything was all laid out.

Like a great puzzle, all the pieces fit together so perfectly. Everything is relative.

And everyone is a relative because we are all one great family. We are the lost children of a fallen Kingdom.

All the precious parts of our Life which now appear to be broken apart and crippled, must be brought back into alignment and healed before the circle reaches the point in the juncture where it all began.

This is the only way we can make it truly worth every drop of blood. Time is short. It is now or never.

This is not conspiracy-theoretical, mystical, or imagined. It’s the real deal. Waiting to see what’s going to happen is not an option.

There is no reset button for this gig. Practice makes perfect, and we have practiced at being fools plenty often.

It’s time to step up and practice wisdom, for it is our very existence that is on the line during this round.

Let’s show ourselves exactly what we are capable of and I ain’t talkin’ about continuing the legacy of destruction.



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