Anything Can Talk To You Pt.2

Back in the Fall of ’07 I received a very specific directive. It consisted of but one sentence.

“You have to stop drinking the tequila.”

Well, of course, that didn’t come from the devil. But how can one be certain?

Maybe the Satan doesn’t like dealing with drunks…or maybe it was a trick, you know, to keep me on the wrong track…

After all, it’s a big joke with the black magicians about what a sucker I can be…

If I thought that God wanted me stop doing something I’d have to do it at least 25 more times just to make sure I had really gotten it out of my system.

I’m sure the dark side knows all about reverse psychology. Sounds reasonable, from a certain perspective, right? Maybe.

There are only two ways (that I know of) to be absolutely certain as to the source of a message. The first and most reliable (for me) is to pay close attention to the frequency.

The second and probably the most stupid way that I can think of (and I would know from long hard years of experience) is just to do what is said, especially if it’s something you really want to do

Like have 8 shots of Patron and dance around like a possessed lunatic because you’ve convinced yourself (or allowed yourself to be convinced) that you can bend the rules and actually do something useful for God.

I mean, you never know, stranger things have happened. But on the other hand…you might want to double check that one…

Ultimately, the end result will definitely make the real source unmistakably apparent. But that’s NOT a recommended method of discernment.

While I cannot say that I ever got a message from God saying anything even closely resembling “go ahead and drink it up, my child”…

I did believe myself to be protected, because, of course, I always asked for permission before each and every party. Naturally.

And if I didn’t get the answer I wanted, well, I would just nag Him until He quietly went away, and the other forces took over…

Then the message would come…

“Yes, you may do this one last time, but you must never do it again. Now promise me…and I promise you will be safe this one last time…”


Now it goes without saying that anyone with a half a lick of sense would realize that this was (more or less) a self-induced trap, driven by my ego’s demand for constant stimulation.

However, to put things into perspective, I would have to point out that I had never once before the end of the Summer of ’07 touched a drop of tequila.

In fact, for several years prior to ’07 I was almost a saint. I kid you not.

I drank whiskey and vodka I’d have to say maybe 4 or 5 times in my early twenties. I got so sick I haven’t touched the shit since…

Of course, when I party, I party like an animal…I bet you hadn’t a clue about that, huh?

Anyway, back to real point of this post…It’s devilishly easy to fool one’s self once you have entered the wrong path, because the momentum is already set up in the feeling world.

But if you stand close with God, inevitably He will, from time to time, stick His beautiful Head into the wayward wanderings of the outer self and attempt to set you straight again.

And if you know and recognize His Voice (by whatever method of discernment has proven true for you) it’s probably a good idea to comply.

After all, He wouldn’t waste His time on a reprobate if it wasn’t really important…and just might save your Life. Amen

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