Anything Can Talk To You Pt.1

In spite of his rage and an ego the size of Jupiter, I daresay, Anakin would have done the right thing in the first place had it not been for the influence of those who preceded him in the original separatist establishment of the dark side.

He was not evil, even though he did manage to eventually become an out-manifestation of Satan. His biggest problem was that he chose to listen to the wrong voices-part of which came from his own restless ego.

The destructive tendencies  which came from his personality would have probably been mastered without too much of a problem, especially with the guidance of good ‘ol Obi Wan.

However, there were plenty other little whispers directed into the wide open ear attached to that big fat head. The trick is this~how to differentiate.

For me, after 27 years of experience in training under the guidance of the Great Ones, I have discovered the nice little trick of recognizing the tone and vibration of the frequency.

My outer self has very often led me into near total destruction. Of course I had plenty of ‘help’ and downright satanic ritualistic intent driven at me since the day I was born…

Nevertheless, I was always told well in advance to ‘watch your ass’. Well, that’s not exactly what God said, but you get the point.

The frequency which comes from the God-Head is unmistakable but first one must learn to recognize the distinctive nature of the tone and vibration.

It’s piercing yet soft, like crystal Light, delicate and ever so fine, yet steady as a blade that drives true to the mark. It never wobbles. Nor does it vibrate with any of the frequencies that one contacts from without.

The pitch of the frequency is so high that it’s almost like it’s not vibrating at all. One must command the inner senses to awaken and focus in order to truly see the distinction…

One must absolutely compel the outer human self to be still and pay attention. Very often we will receive genuine messages from the Source but end up garbling it with our own thoughts and feelings.

What makes things considerably worse is that the forces of destruction can mimic to a certain degree the tone of the frequency. However, they are incapable of producing the vibration from which the tone emanates.

There is a perceptible distinction if you know from whence to look…

One must feel and listen to the difference with the finer senses at the Inner levels of consciousness.This takes a determined and disciplined practice but it is well worth the effort.

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4 comments on “Anything Can Talk To You Pt.1

  1. Discernment is one of the eight spiritual gifts we can receive. In a Biblical sense, discernment is what you describe, i.e., being able to tell the difference from Source and Satat (ot followers) Yet, discernment takes on other meanings in our daily lives. We must carefully weigh our decisions, trusting that quiet inner voice that guides. The good news is that the more you use it, the more your discernment grows. Thank you for this post as discernment is a wonderful gift and can save us much heartache if we go within and pay attention. Thanks for your visits to my blog and the reblogs. Hugs, pat

    • Well, thank you so much, Pat. You are beacon that I keep returning to because I know that I will find so many unique and inspiring posts. You have an easygoing and free flowing style that contains an amazing depth of wisdom put forth in such a way as to leave a very clear impression that is parabolic. You are quite the poet and your way of using distinctive patterns with the text and creating artistic layouts makes one realize that your offerings are little pearls that inspire followers to step up. I greatly admire your style and I confess that I may borrow some ideas from you,(if that’s ok) but I won’t be copycat. I’ll simply endeavor to be a student that will integrate the lessons that lead me to think outside of the box. Thank you for taking the time to comment. It is always such a tickle to have someone notice my efforts. I still have a lot to learn and I need to improve my style and approach so that it will make a lasting difference. It’s kind of a frequency thing…it’s gotta be pure and real. Many Blessings and much gratitude. Zor’ra P.S. I noticed that you told one follower that we are allowed to send a friend request to your Facebook page. I will do that if it’s ok…

  2. One fun way to start a poem is by taking a random sentence, group of words, picture, etc. and making it into a poem. Please feel free to use any thing on my blog as you wish. Many of the pictures are mine but not all of them. I do not charge for my poetry so I assume the photos come under free and limited status. I ask only that people use the poetry as it is given to me…for inspiration. If the blog where it is to be used is contrary to this, I ask people to check with me. (yours is wonderful and I am honored that you post my poetry there.) Also, I ask that none of my poetry be used for commercial purposes. I receive them for free and send them out to the world for free. Use away and reblog as much as you wish. Thanks for your kind words. Our inspirations come from Source so I will pass along your message. 🙂 hugs, pat

    • Thank you, Pat! Your graciousness and generosity are rare commodities. I will endeavor to stay in step with the outstanding example you have given to us by the excellent manner in which you have proven to be a true and valuable ‘Source of Inspiration’ to all. With many Blessings and Heartfelt thoughts of gratitude, Zor’ra

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