The Great Debate

Many people feel that my acknowledgement of Saint Germain is a horrible insult to Jesus. They believe that only the true Son of God can attain the Ascension.

I agree. Jesus was the Chosen One. Chosen from among the sons of men as the most qualified to become the Son of God.

The forces of darkness, in their efforts to confuse and mislead humanity have used every method of deceit imaginable to keep the children of God divided on this subject.

Anyone with common sense and a relatively pure heart would eventually have to realize that something is amiss in the representation of the God-Head and the true nature of our existence.

Solomon was supposed to be the Son of God also, but he chose instead to have way too many wives and to strengthen the use of black magic rather than using the Great Command to stop it’s progression.

Jesus, bless His precious Heart, is the strongest (and purest) that I have ever seen-next to the Great Chohan, who was never a son of man.

The Great Chohan was the One who taught Jesus how to use the Great Command that would unlock the door of His own understanding so that He could bring forth the knowledge that had been lost.

I am utterly amazed that Jesus was so successful considering the circumstances. He outranks all the Ascended Masters and many of the Cosmic Beings in our system of worlds.

Unfortunately, most of the New Age religions have managed make it almost impossible for many individuals to accept the reality of the Great Ones, except those specifically mentioned in the Bible. And I can see why.

I can also see why so many people reject the notion of re-embodiment. It is kind of ridiculous to hear people talk about all the of their past lives. Especially when it turns out to be a list of the most famous personages in history.

I never once heard Saint Germain mention that He was Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus. Personally, I would peg Him as more of a John the Baptist myself.

But that’s probably not true either. I’m just speculating. It’s really not important to the present situation, which is kind of my point. What difference does it make who He was in the past.

Quite frankly, I’m inclined to think a lot of that stuff was subsequently interwoven into the original teachings. Just for bit of spice, you know, to give it pizzazz-Star magazine style.

The Great Ones tell the students of the Light to keep their noses out of thier past lives as much as possible. After all, most of us have enough trouble in this embodiment.

You don’t want to dwell on who you were even if you know for certain. There’s too much bad karma back there, and besides we need to move forward. We need to be better than what we were back then. Obviously.

Very often Jesus would refer to himself as the ‘son of man’. The whole point of His ministry was to show the people what they were capable of achieving by becoming a ‘Son of God’. Behavior wise.

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” 14:12 John

Making the Ascension before a crowd of about 200 was His Finale. He definitely left a huge impression with the whole crucifixion ordeal, rising from the dead, and then flying away with Angels.

It took the authorities of that era (and the black magicians) almost 200 years to get most of the people to completely forget the real truth of the message that he left with his followers.

And half of his followers were kind of clueless as to his real intent in the first place. It was just a matter of time before the damage control crew made the real doctrine disappear.

Nobody, but nobody, could ever lessen the importance of what Jesus did and still continues to do for us everyday. Saint Germain serves the Christ Lord Jesus.

Without the love that He has for Jesus, Saint Germain would not have made the Ascension in the first place. Everything that Saint Germain does is in preparation for the return of the King of Kings.

BUT BE CAREFUL. There are many impostors out there. The Elementals are capable of changing their forms to roughly resemble Saint Germain, or just about anything that humans can picture in their own minds.

Not to mention what the black magicians are up to. That’s a big issue right there. But there’s always going to be some tell-tell sign if you know how to be discerning.

Saint Germain won’t be insulted if you demand, “Show me your Light!” before accepting anything that a form or voice claiming to be Saint Germain may be presenting to you.

And if that being or manifestation cannot show you a brilliant Light (and I ain’t talking about a ‘red glow’), you had better the call the Angels of the Flaming Sword. ASAP

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2 comments on “The Great Debate

  1. You have the most thought provoking articles ever. I look forward to logging in curious of what you may of posted today. God is amazing. As a child I my first experience was God our Father. I had a life and death experience a few years ago and experienced Jesus. Maybe one day I will blog about it. Anyway, before i write a whole blog on your page lol. God bless you keep it up let those messages flow. Have a great week ! God Bless!

    • Thank you so much April! You do me great honor, especially considering your amazing talents.
      I had a near death experience many years ago myself, and it was Jesus who stood there at the door for me also-I knew we were soul sisters! May God Bless you constantly without limit! Many happy days for you my dear sister. Later…

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