The Beast Shall Not Succeed

I feel them coming-riding hard and fast. I should have been in a better state of preparation.

Well, I guess I wouldn’t be HaelRazor if I did it the easy way. But now is not the time for delay.

We are in the hour of greatest need. This is the hour when we must band together on the Inner levels of consciousness.

It’s too late for anything else.

United we will stand and prevail against Hell itself. We will make all things right again. For the Light of God never fails.

Take your station and you will see. And remember to love each other above all else. That is how God will reveal His Divine Plan Fulfilled.

Through you-the people-He will stop the final episode. O’yes He will. Know this and forget everything else…

You are the Light of God that never fails. No matter what the f**king appearance world says. Never ever give up.

Stand your ground and drive like ‘Patton‘ through every barrier. “Never surrender. Attitude is everything. Never dig in.”

Become now the Law of the Great Command that sets all Life Free.

I Am that I Am. To be that I Am is all we need. Show them the Door, Father. Show them now. Set them FREE. Amen

We Are Ready

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