My Lord-Let Us Raise Voldemort

You are the only one, my Lord. Verily, you are the only one who really knows the solution to this problem. This position we are in during these final hours is extremely awkward and very precarious, to say the least. Yea, even so, the opportunity is great and will yield many Saviours. Indeed.

I don’t think they know that the only way that you can come back into this world physically manifest (without the Apocalypse taking a third of humanity out through the second death) is for enough people to become (to the best of their ability) exactly what is was that you were during your ministry.

They make all these movies about superheroes, but all the superheroes do for the most part is kick the villain’s ass.

And the villain is never really conquered. He always comes back, or is replaced by someone who behaves even worse. Have you noticed that?

Half the time ‘good guys’ are as hateful as the ‘bad guys’. There is little mercy. Even less forgiveness. Rarely (if ever) an offer of salvation.

Look at the Harry Potter series. Did that end like it could have? What I saw is exactly what we have done wrong from the very beginning.

It was an analogy of our failures. At the end, they all seemed so boring and not anything very special after all. Not to me anyhow.

Look how they left Lord Voldemort, writhing in grotesque deformity. No redemption there. Of course, he didn’t ask for redemption either.

But with all that ‘magical’ power, could not those who stood with Potter have formulated some kind of ‘reversal spell’? Did they even try?

No. They spent most of their time using their powers to f**k with each other in one way or another.

Even the great Dumbledore, with his ability “to look past the surface and find inner beauty in people” could find none of the same in Voldemort, even as an orphan child. How odd.

Would you have handled it like that, my Lord? I think not. Then again, Dumbledore did not use the Eye of God, for God had been forgotten in the world of ‘Harry Potter’. Even so…

If all the ‘good guys’ had come together and formulated a ‘spell’ to erase Lord Voldemort’s evil they may very well have succeeded-if they had done so without an ounce of vengeance or hatred.

They could have opened his heart just long enough to for him to see what it was he had become-to truly feel for one full minute the effects of all that he had done. That would have been a work after your own works, my Lord.

He would have been compelled to face his own evil. Yea, with merciful intent. That would have been more than enough for him to see the Light. I am proof of that, my Lord, verily, I am.

Empirical knowledge of cause and effect can and will bring salvation when Karma is graciously governed by Love, Forgiveness, and Mercy. Is it not thy will, my Lord, for Divine Justice to take the place of Judgement?

The problem is, how can anyone erase vengeance and hatred in a world in which there is no God. Nor any form of Spiritual Grace. Tough job. But I bet you could do it, my Lord. I know you would.

If Voldemort had had someone like you in his corner, no doubt, he would have at least tried to conquer his inner demons. With Thee all things are possible. Verily, with Thee, no one is ever lost.

 As a child he was “alone and friendless”. I have always known that even Hitler would not have become the embodiment of  ‘pure evil’  if someone like unto Thee had loved the child before Satan usurped both heart and soul.

With your firm hand upon each shoulder of the beast, my Lord, even he would know that the Power of God is second to none. And that bringing Heaven and Hell back into alignment is where the real fun truly begins.

In the end, the black magicians who turn back to the Light are God’s greatest advocates because they know from hard experience both sides of the story. Their understanding is empirical.

Someday, very soon, it must be shown, by those who know Thee, that there is a God, Mighty and Terrible. Cooler even than Darth Vader and the Predator put together. Hell, yeah. That’s it. What do you say, my Lord? I pray Thee,  speak now the Word. Open the Door within our Hearts that we may become Saviours like unto Thee.


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